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WaferPro Express Product Structure

WaferPro Express wafer-level measurement and programming test softwareWaferPro Express provides wafer-level measurement and programming test software for use with a variety of instruments and wafer probes.

The WaferPro Express product configuration includes two bundles. The first bundle, the W8580BP Core Measurement Bundle, includes the user interface environment, the data display, the SQL Database and the instrument drivers. Drivers for Cascade Microtech probers are included in the base bundle. The second bundle, the W8581BP Core Measurement and Programming Bundle, adds the ability to further customize tests by using Python and PEL programming. The W8581BP also adds the ability to run tests in virtual or simulation mode. Support for non-Cascade Microtech probers can be enabled by purchasing the W8585EP add-on product.

The W8580BP core bundle allows the execution of routines and test plans created with the most advanced W8581BP bundle, i.e. using the Python or PEL programming environment; however, program routines cannot be edited in the base bundle.

WaferPro Express Product Configuration
Application W8580BP WaferPro Express Core Measurement Bundle W8581BP WaferPro Express Core Measurement and Programming Bundle
DC / CV / RF / TD turn-key measurements and test plan execution Yes Yes
Turn-key GBIB instrument connectivity and drivers* Yes Yes
Data Display including wafer map distribution Yes Yes
Test configuration and setup via UI Yes Yes
Cascade Microtech support* Yes Yes
SQL Database Yes Yes
Python and PEL programming environment Execution only Yes
Virtual Test Plan Simulation (spice3 only) No Yes
W8585EP WaferPro Express Expanded Probers Support* Yes, add-on product Yes, add-on product

* For detailed product information on instrument drivers and prober support, refer to the WaferPro Express brochure.

Note: The model numbers on this page reflect node-locked perpertual licenses (BP/EP suffix). Subscription or Time-based (BT/ET suffix) and Floating license configurations are also availalbe.

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