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BenchVue Software Supported Instruments

The latest version of BenchVue software and various apps support the Keysight instruments listed below. For more about BenchVue software and apps visit:

Product Category Supported Models App Name PC supported Application
Photovoltaic Array
N8937APV, N8957APV DG8901A Solar Array Simulator Control (v1.0) Yes Solar Array Simulation Software


Product Category Supported Models App Name PC Supported Mobile Supported
Digital Multimeters
34401A, 34405A, 34410A, 34411A, 34420A, 34450A, 34460A, 34461A, 34465A, 34470A BV0001B Digital Multimeter Control & Automation App Yes Yes
Function Generators
33210A, 33220A, 33250A, 33521A, 33522A, 33509B,
33510B, 33511B, 33512B, 33519B, 33520B, 33521B, 33522B, 33611A, 33612A, 33621A, 33622A, 81150A, 81160A
BV0002B Function Generator Control & Automation App Yes Yes
DC Power Supplies & Source Measure Units

B2901A, B2902A, B2911A, B2912A, B2961A, B2962A, E36102A, E36103A, E36104A, E36105A, E36106A, E36102B, E36103B, E36104B, E36105B, E36106B, E36231A, E36232A, E36233A, E36234A, E36310A, E36311A, E36312A, E36313A, E3631A, E3632A, E3633A, E3634A, E3640A, E3641A, E3642A, E3643A, E3644A, E3645A, E3646A, E3647A, E3648A, E3649A, N5741A, N5742A, N5743A, N5744A, N5745A, N5746A, N5747A, N5748A, N5749A, N5750A, N5751A, N5752A, N5761A, N5762A, N5763A, N5764A, N5765A, N5766A, N5767A, N5768A, N5769A, N5770A, N5771A, N5772A, N6700A/B/C, N6701A/C, N6702A/C, N6705A/B/C, N6785A, N6786A , N6950A, N6951A, N6952A, N6953A, N6954A, N6970A, N6971A, N6972A, N6973A, N6974A, N6976A, N6977A, N7950A, N7951A, N7952A, N7953A, N7954A, N7970A, N7971A, N7972A, N7973A, N7974A, N7976A, N7977A, N8731A, N8732A, N8733A, N8734A, N8735A, N8736A, N8737A, N8738A, N8739A, N8740A, N8741A, N8742A, N8754A, N8755A, N8756A, N8757A, N8758A, N8759A, N8760A, N8761A, N8762A, N8920A, N8921A, N8922A, N8923A, N8924A, N8925A, N8926A, N8927A, N8928A, N8929A, N8930A, N8931A, N8932A, N8933A, N8934A, N8935A, N8936A, N8937A, N8940A, N8941A, N8942A, N8943A, N8944A, N8945A, N8946A, N8947A, N8948A, N8949A, N8950A, N8951A, N8952A, N8953A, N8954A, N8955A, N8956A, N8957A, RP7951AT, RP7952A, RP7952AT, RP7953A, RP7961A, RP7962A, RP7963A

BV0003B Power Supply Control & Automation App Yes Yes
Spectrum Analyzers
N9040B UXA, N9030A/B PXA, N9020A/B MXA, N9010A/B EXA, N9000A/B CXA, M9290A CXA-m
BV9001B Spectrum Analyzer Control & Automation App Yes Yes
N9320B, N9322C
 Yes Yes
N9342C, N9343C, N9344C
 Yes  Yes
E4440A, E4443A, E4445A, E4446A, E4447A, E4448A
 Yes Yes
E4402B, E4404B, E4405B, E4407B
 Yes Yes

E4403B, E4411B, E4408B

Yes Yes
DSA V084A, DSA V134A, DSA V164A, DSA V204A, DSA V254A, DSA V334A, DSA Z204A, DSA Z254A, DSA Z334A, DSA Z504A, DSA Z634A, DSA90254A, DSA90404A, DSA90604A, DSA90804A, DSA91204A , DSA91304A , DSAX91304A, DSAX91604A , DSAX92004A, DSAX92004Q , DSAX92504A, DSAX92504Q , DSAX92804A, DSAX93304Q , DSAX95004Q , DSAX96204Q , DSO 6054L, DSO 6104L, DSO 6104L, DSO V084A, DSO V134A, DSO V164A, DSO V204A, DSO V254A, DSO V334A, DSO Z204A, DSO Z254A, DSO Z334A, DSO Z504A, DSO Z634A, DSO5014A, DSO5032A, DSO5034A, DSO5052A, DSO5054A, DSO6012A, DSO6014A, DSO6014L, DSO6032A, DSO6034A, DSO6052A, DSO6054A, DSO6054L, DSO6102A, DSO6104A, DSO6104L, DSO7012A, DSO7012B, DSO7014A, DSO7014B, DSO7032A, DSO7032B, DSO7034A, DSO7034B, DSO7052A, DSO7052B, DSO7054A, DSO7054B, DSO7104A, DSO7104B, DSO90254A, DSO90404A, DSO90604A, DSO9064A, DSO90804A, DSO9104A, DSO91204A, DSO91304A, DSO9254A, DSO9404A, DSOS054A, DSOS104A, DSOS204A, DSOS254A, DSOS404A, DSOS604A, DSOS804A, DSOX1102A, DSOX1102G, DSOX1202A, DSOX1202G, DSOX1204A, DSOX1204G, DSO-X 2002A, DSO-X 2004A, DSO-X 2012A, DSO-X 2014A, DSO-X 2022A, DSO-X 2024A, DSO-X 3012A, DSO-X 3012T, DSO-X 3014A, DSO-X 3014T, DSO-X 3022T, DSO-X 3024A, DSO-X 3024T, DSO-X 3032A, DSO-X 3032T, DSO-X 3034A, DSO-X 3034T, DSO-X 3052A, DSO-X 3052T, DSO-X 3054A, DSO-X 3054T, DSO-X 3102A, DSO-X 3102T, DSO-X 3104A, DSO-X 3104T, DSO-X 4022A, DSO-X 4024A, DSO-X 4032A, DSO-X 4034A, DSO-X 4052A, DSO-X 4054A, DSO-X 4104A, DSO-X 4154A, DSOX1102A, DSOX1102G, DSOX1204A, DSOX1204G, DSOX6002A, DSOX6004A, DSOX91304A, DSOX91604A, DSOX92004A, DSOX92004Q, DSOX92504A, DSOX92504Q, DSOX92804A, DSOX93204A, DSOX93304Q, DSOX95004Q, DSOX96204Q, EDUX1002A, EDUX1002G, EDUX1052A, EDUX1052G, MSO V084A, MSO V134A, MSO V164A, MSO V204A, MSO V254A, MSO V334A, MSO6012A, MSO6014A, MSO6032A, MSO6034A, MSO6052A, MSO6054A, MSO6102A, MSO6104A, MSO7012A, MSO7012B, MSO7014A, MSO7014B, MSO7032A, MSO7032B, MSO7034A, MSO7034B, MSO7052A, MSO7052B, MSO7054A, MSO7054B, MSO7104A, MSO7104B, MSO9064A, MSO9104A, MSO9254A, MSO9404A, MSOS054A, MSOS104A, MSOS204A, MSOS254A, MSOS404A, MSOS604A, MSOS804A, MSO-X 2002A, MSO-X 2004A, MSO-X 2012A, MSO-X 2014A, MSO-X 2022A, MSO-X 2024A, MSO-X 3012A, MSO-X 3012T, MSO-X 3014A, MSO-X 3014T, MSO-X 3022T, MSO-X 3024A, MSO-X 3024T, MSO-X 3032A, MSO-X 3032T, MSO-X 3034A, MSO-X 3034T, MSO-X 3052A, MSO-X 3052T, MSO-X 3054A, MSO-X 3054T, MSO-X 3102A, MSO-X 3102T, MSO-X 3104A, MSO-X 3104T, MSO-X 4022A, MSO-X 4024A, MSO-X 4032A, MSO-X 4034A, MSO-X 4052A, MSO-X 4054A, MSO-X 4104A, MSO-X 4154A, MSOX6002A , MSOX6004A , MSOX91304A, MSOX91604A, MSOX92004A, MSOX92504A, MSOX92804A, MSOX93204A, P9241A, P9242A, P9243A

BV0004B Oscilloscope Control & Automation App

Yes Yes
Data Acquisition Units
34970A, 34972A, 34980A, DAQ970A, DAQ973A BV0006B Data Acquisition Control & Analysis App Yes No
Power Meters/Sensors
N1911A, N1912A, N1913A, N1914A, N8262A, L2051XA, L2052XA, L2053XA, L2054XA, L2055XA, L2061XA, L2062XA, L2063XA, L2064XA, L2065XA, L2065XT, U2000A, U2000B, U2000H, U2001A, U2001B, U2001H, U2002A, U2002H, U2004A, U2021XA, U2022XA, U2041XA, U2042XA, U2043XA, U2044XA, U2049XA, U2053XA, U2054XA, U2055XA, U2063XA, U2064XA, U2065XA, U8481A, U8485A, U8487A, U8488A, U8489A, U2051XA, U2052XA, U2061XA, U2062XA BV0007B Power Meter/Power Sensor Control & Analysis App Yes No
Network Analyzers
ENA:  E5080A, E5061B, E5063A, E5071C, E5072A
PNA:  N5221A, N5222A, N5224A, N5245A, N5227A, N5221B, N5222B, N5224B, N5245B, N5227B
PNA-L:  N5230C, N5231A, N5232A, N5234A, N5235A, N5239A, N5231B, N5232B, N5234B, N5235B, N5239B
PNA-X:  N5241A, N5242A, N5244A, N5245A, N5247A, N5249A, N5241B, N5242B, N5244B, N5245B, N5247B, N5249B
PXI VNA: M9370A, M9371A, M9372A, M9373A, M9374A, M9375A
PXIe Multiport VNA: M9485A
BV9001B Network Analyzer Control & Automation App Yes No
Electronic Loads
N3300A, N3301A, 6060B, 6063B BV0012B Electronic Load Control & Automation App Yes No
Power Analyzers (2) PA2201A, PA2203A Power Analyzer Control & Analysis App Yes No
FieldFox Handheld Analyzers (22) N9912A, N9913A, N9914A, N9915A, N9916A, N9917A, N9918A, N9923A, N9925A, N9926A, N9927A, N9928A, N9935A, N9936A, N9937A, N9938A, N9950A, N9951A, N9952A, N9960A, N9961A, N9962A BV0010B FieldFox Handheld Analyzer Control & Automation App Yes No
Signal Generators (14) E4438C, E4428C, E8267D, E8257D, E8663D, N5171B,N5172B, N5173B, N5181A/B, N5182A/B, N5183A/B BV9001B Signal Generator Control & Automation App Yes No
Universal Counters (3) 53210A, 53220A, 53230A BV0011B Universal Counter Control & Automation App  Yes  No
USB Modular Chassis (1) U2781A   Yes No
USB Modular Digital Multimeters (1) U2741A BV0021A BenchVue USB Modular Digital Multimeter Pro App Yes No

USB Modular Function Generators (1)

U2761A BV0022A BenchVue USB Modular Function Generator Pro App Yes No
USB Modular Source Measure Units (2) U2722A, U2723A BV0023A BenchVue USB Modular SMU Pro App Yes No
USB Modular Oscilloscopes (2) U2701A, U2702A BV0024A BenchVue USB Modular Oscilloscope Pro App Yes No
USB Modular Data Acquisition Units (13) U2351A, U2352A, U2353A, U2354A, U2355A, U2356A, U2331A, U2531A, U2541A, U2542A, U2651A, U2652A, U2653A BV0025A BenchVue USB Modular DAQ Pro App Yes No
USB Modular Switch Matrix (1) U2751A   Yes No
LCR Meters (2) E4980A, E4980AL BV0014B LCR Meter Control and Automation App Yes No

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