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MXE EMI Receiver Latest Enhancements

Keep the Test Queue Flowing

In EMC testing, success depends on tools that can help you do more in less time—today and tomorrow. In the lab and on the bench, the MXE EMI receiver provides the accuracy, repeatability, and reliability you need to test with confidence.

All MXE models have been further characterized to 3 Hz and can be configured with a frequency range of 3 Hz to 3.6, 8.4, 26.5, or 44 GHz. In addition, the MXE now offers real-time spectrum analysis (RTSA) for diagnosing high-speed transient signals. RTSA is available as an option at time of purchase or as an upgrade.

All models offer capabilities designed to streamline EMC measurements such as:

  • Time domain scan to reduce overall scan time with fast FFT scanning
  • Monitor spectrum to easily identify the frequency of peak emissions prior to final measurement
  • Built-in disturbance analyzer to automate click measurements
  • Amplitude probability distribution (APD) function to prepare for future requirements

Equip your team with the MXE, and keep the test queue flowing.