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Overcome your Power Test Challenges with the Advanced Power System Family - Examples

The Advanced Power System (APS) family consists of 1 kW and 2 kW system DC power supplies that deliver a new level in power supply performance enabled by Keysight’s exclusive VersaPower architecture. The APS family was designed to help you overcome your toughest power test challenges by delivering industry-leading specifications and innovative features in an integrated solution for advanced ATE power testing needs.

Overcome your test challenges with APS

The APS, with Keysight’s exclusive VersaPower architecture, helps you overcome a wide variety of power test challenges.

Power Related Test Challenge How the APS Helps You Overcome the Challenge

ThroughputIncreasing test system throughput:

Reducing test time can mean big savings, so achieving throughput gains is a never-ending quest.

  • Fast up and down programming speeds (up to 500 µs)
  • Fast command processing (< 2 ms)
  • List capability to step through a list of voltage or current levels
  • Seamless ranging capability for fast current measurements without sacrificing accuracy

Source SinkBuilding a continuous source and load:

You need a continuous source and load solution for testing power storage DUTs.

  • Full two-quadrant glitch-free operation across quadrants
  • Voltage and current limit settings to keep your device within its operating range

protectionProtecting against power-related damage:

When testing expensive DUTs, designing protection from power damage in the test system is critical.

  • Smart triggering
  • Fast output response
  • Output disconnect relays
  • Watchdog timer

dynamic currentCharacterizing dynamic current profiles:

Your DUT has a current profile with a large dynamic range that you need to characterize.

  • 18-bit high-resolution current digitizer
  • Adjustable measurement sample rate
  • External logging capability
  • Peak triggering and measurements

Transient.PNGGenerating power transients:

In harsh real-world environments, DUTs can face power transients, such as surges and interrupts. To ensure proper operation of a design in the real world, these transients need to be simulated in testing.

  • Built-in 64-k point voltage and current arbitrary waveform capability
  • Definable one-time current or voltage steps

inrushCharacterizing inrush current:

You need to capture the large current surge that occurs when you first turn on power to your DUT with reactive elements at the input.

  • High resolution current and voltage digitizers
  • Pre- and post-triggering for capturing measurement data
  • Large current range that is more than 2x the rated output of the power supply

Output IntegrityMaintaining output integrity under dynamic load conditions:

Maintaining a stable output voltage free of oscillations and voltage droop can be a challenge under a very dynamic load, especially when working with long cable runs.

  • Fast transient response to ensure minimal voltage droop to load transients
  • High and low output bandwidth settings for tuning the output to your load

Tracking power events for root-cause analysis:

You want to track power events during root-cause analysis testing to see why or if your DUT was damaged during test.

  • Built-in black box recorder lets you record voltage, current, power, trigger events, mode changes, and more in non-volatile memory

Properly powering on/off a DUT:

To prevent damage at turn-on or turn-off, you need to properly sequence multiple supplies on/off or tune their slew rates.

  • Sequencing capability across multiple APS supplies
  • Sequencing capability with Keysight's N6700 modular power supply family
  • Adjustable slew rate control


N6900 & N7900 Series 1000W & 2000W Advanced & Dynamic Power System DC Power Supplies, Single Output

Documents & Downloads

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Advanced Power System (APS) Family - Product Fact Sheet  
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Promotional Materials 2016-06-20

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Advanced Power System N6900 & N7900 Series - Operating and Service Guide (PDF version) 
Contains operating, programming, and servicing information for the N6900 & N7900 Series in PDF format, which is optimized for hardcopy printing.

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An Introduction to Keysight’s Advanced Power System (APS) N6900 and N7900 Series DC Power Supplies 
YouTube playlist of videos for the N6900 and N7900 series.

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