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After purchasing an N9094AK upgrade, must the instrument be sent to a Keysight Service Center to be upgraded?

There is no need to send your instrument into a Keysight Service Center for one of these upgrades to be installed. All of these upgrades come pre-programmed and ready to be installed by an Advanced User. However, if you would prefer a factory trained technician at a Keysight Service Center performs the installation that is always an option for you.

See the attached installation notes for detailed instructions on what these upgrades involve.

Documents & Downloads

X-Series Signal Analyzers N9094AK Option SSD Solid State Disk Drive Upgrade Install Note 
This document provides detailed instructions for the installation and use of a solid state disk drive in an X-Series signal analyzer.

Installation Manual 2014-10-01

null PDF 461 KB
X-Series Signal Analyzers N9094AK Processor Assembly Upgrade Installation Note 
Instructions for the installation of an upgraded processor assembly in an X-Series Signal Analyzer.

Installation Manual 2014-10-01

null PDF 483 KB