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Measurement Solution - Multi-Emitter Environment Test Signals


Create Multi-Emitter Test Signals

  • Generate realistic radar and communication test signals at a fraction of the cost using COTS
  • Address emerging signal scenarios using a flexible combination of captured recordings and simulated radar and communication emitters
  • Reduce the need for multiple racks using a high precision, wide bandwidth AWG to turn simulated signals into highly realistic signals
Multi-Emitter Environment Test Set Up Sample Configuration:



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Creating Multi-Emitter Signal Scenarios with COTS Software and Instrumentation – Solution Brief 
Describes a key problem, describes a commercial, off-the-shelf (COTS) solution for signal generation and analysis, and presents two example scenarios.

Application Note 2013-11-12

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Article: COTS Gear Generates Multi-Emitter Test Signals 
This article discusses COTS test hardware and software being used to create multi-emitter test signals using ESL design simulation software and wideband AWGs

Article Reprint 2012-09-27

M9703A AXIe High-Speed Digitizer with Real-Time Digital Downconversion Capability - Application Note 
This application note describes how to use the M9703A AXIe high-speed digitizer with real-time digital downconversion (DDC) capability to perform ultra-fast relative phase and gain measurements.

Application Note 2018-03-08

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