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Measurement Solution - LTE-A Carrier Aggregation Base Station Transmitter Test


  • Simultaneously demodulate up to 5 component carriers – both inter-band & intra-band configurations
  • Verify the timing alignment between multiple component carriers – 3GPP timing alignment error (TAE) test
  • Multiple hardware configurations available – both inter-band and intra-band testing
Inter-Band Carrier Aggregation Transmitter Test Set Up Sample Configuration





  • Qty1: 89600 VSA with Options BHD and BHG for FDD; Options BHE and BHH for TDD



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Overcoming LTE-Advanced Test Challenges - Inter-Band Carrier Aggregation  
This video will explain one of the major test challenges of demodulating the multiple component carriers simultaneously since the frequency band separation in inter-band aggregation is wider than the IF BW of any commercially available signal analyzer. Watch how Keysight addresses this test challenge with the 89600 VSA software along with dual X-Series signal analyzers or N7109A multi-channel signal analyzer.

How-To Video 2012-07-15

Solutions for LTE-Advanced Physical Layer Design and Test 
This "Solutions for LTE-Advanced Physical Layer Design and Test" application note gives an overview of carrier aggregation along with some of the associated design and test challenges.

Application Note 2011-10-20

null PDF 3.09 MB