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Accreditation Details for the United Kingdom


What's the expiry date of the accreditation certificate? The certificate does not "expire". The text on the certificate explains how UKAS manages accreditation – specifically “The absence of a schedule on the UKAS website indicates that the accreditation is no longer in force.” By relating the certificate's validity to their website in this way, UKAS can immediately suspend or terminate accreditation. This process complies with ISO, ILAC and EA requirements -- there is no requirement for the certificate to state a specific expiry date.
The accreditation certificate seems quite old; the issue date was several years ago. When will a new version be available? UKAS do not periodically issue new certificates. Because it does not have an expiry date (as explained above), there is no need for it to be replaced unless its content is revised in some way.
Why is there more than one country or location shown? Are these uncertainties applicable to each location? This is a multi-site accreditation. The stated calibration uncertainties relate to the UK service center but some of the quantities may also be measured at the other stated locations and equipment is calibrated at a location with an appropriate capability. Wherever the calibration is performed the assigned uncertainties may be greater than those stated in the Schedule but where more than one location is able to calibrate a specific model, the reported uncertainties will normally be identical.
Where uncertainties are included in the original test system's results, why do these differ to those stated in the accredited calibration certificate? Test methodology and software is continually evolving as we strive to improve measurement accuracy and integrity. For an accredited calibration, uncertainties smaller than those published in the Accreditation Scope/Schedule have to be re-validated by the accreditation body. This may take some time after the improved practice has been implemented. In such cases, only the figures stated on the certificate/report bearing the logo of the accreditation body should be referenced and other material considered to be supplemental.