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Learn about 5G technologies “everything everywhere and always connected”

Accelerate 5G design and testAccelerate 5G design and test with these wireless resources

Keysight wireless design and test tools enable the exploration of new technologies needed for next-generation 5G communications.

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  • 7 Things You Need to Know About 5G New Radio

Application Notes and White Papers

  • OTA Test for Millimeter-Wave 5G NR Devices and Systems
  • Testing 5G: Data Throughput
  • Exploring 5G Coexistence Scenarios Using a Flexible Hardware/Software Testbed
  • Applying a Very Wide-Bandwidth Millimeter-Wave Testbed to Power Amplifier DPD
  • Examining the Challenges in Implementing and Testing Massive MIMO for 5G
  • The Communication System Architect’s Guide to 5G Physical Layer Modeling
  • Defining a Channel Sounding Measurement System for Characterization of 5G Air Interfaces
  • Implementing a Flexible Testbed for 5G Waveform Generation and Analysis
  • Solutions for Design and Evaluation of 5G Candidate Waveforms


  • Making 5G Work: Data throughput and Radio Resource Management
  • Making 5G Work: Capacity Growth and RF Aspects
  • Completing Rel-15 of 5G NR Physical Layer
  • Understanding the 5G NR Physical Layer
  • A Practical Guide to Understanding the Road to 5G
  • Coexistence in a 3G / 4G / Satellite World
  • Massive MIMO Technology Insights and Challenges
  • Millimeter Wave Active Component Characterization for 5G
  • Error Vector Magnitude Measurements Fit for 5G
  • Taking 5G from Vision to Reality
  • Unlocking Wideband 5G & mmWave Insights to 110 GHz
  • 5G Physical Layer Modeling: A Communication System Architect’s Guide
  • 5G Channel Sounding Challenges and Test Approaches
  • Addressing Multi-Channel Synchronization for MIMO and Beamforming Test
  • Understanding 5G and How to Navigate Multiple Physical Layer Proposals

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