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Ptolemy Element for the GoldenGate RFIC Simulator

Ptolemy for the GoldenGate RFIC SimulatorThe Keysight Ptolemy element contains the following capabilities for use with the GoldenGate RFIC Simulator:

  • Export of custom wireless test benches
  • Support of GoldenGate Virtual Test Benches for 802.11, 802.16, TDSCMDA & 3GPPFDD
  • Direct links to Data Display for advanced waveform measurements and visualization including RF envelope, Constellation, Power, Spectrum and EVM

While the W2361 Ptolemy Element provides communication system simulation comprising Digital Signal Processing (DSP), RF-mixed signal and baseband system design capabilities for customers using the Advanced Design System (ADS), it can also be used with GoldenGate’s envelope transient analysis capability and either Ptolemy custom wireless test benches or any of the supported Wireless Design Libraries for system level performance verification as part of a Cadence® Virtuoso® based RF design flow. This unique capability provides the system simulation foundation for wireless standards verification with the latest Keysight’s wireless libraries such as LTE, WiMax and WCDMA etc.

For a reference guide on the proper use and understanding of the Keysight Ptolemy Simulation environment within the Advanced Design System (ADS) framework, refer to an Overview on Keysight Ptolemy Data Flow Primer.

Additional Requirements:

  • Requires a license of GoldenGate W2001BP/BT or W2010BP/BT simulator
  • May require an associated Wireless Library Element based on application

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