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Using FTP with FieldFox

FTP is not officially supported on the FieldFox. FTP works as expected most of the time but there are no guarantees. Use at your own risk.

The following notes assume the FieldFox is connected a PC via LAN. See instructions for telnet for details on connecting the FieldFox to a PC via LAN. Click on the link on the right and follow the “Telnet Communication to the FieldFox over LAN” guide.

The purpose of FTP (file transfer protocol) is to move files to/from the FieldFox.

To start FTP on the PC:

  1. Go to the command line interface on the PC (click Run then enter “cmd”).
  2. Change the PC directory where you want to copy files to/from (use cd and dir).
  3. Enter: ftp (use the IP adr of your FieldFox), you should be prompted for a user name.
  4. Enter “anonymous” for the user and any non-blank set of characters for the password.
  5. Now you are ready to use FTP with the FieldFox.


Commands that may be used once in FTP:

  • cd – change directory
  • cd .. – move up one level in directory structure
  • ls – list current directory
  • put filename – copy file from current PC directory to FieldFox directory
  • get filename – copy from from FieldFox to current PC directory
  • pwd – present working directory
  • bye – quit FTP, use to start over when a mistake is made.
  • (other commands may be used but not all FTP commands will function properly)
  • "?" gives a list of available commands



FTP on the FieldFox is only intended to work in the USERDATA directory. Normally ”/” is the USERDATA directory on the FieldFox. After starting FTP, sometimes you must use the ls command to get to USERDATA.

If downloading a cal kit or cable file to the FieldFox, first move to the appropriate directory on the FieldFox. After downloading a cal kit or cable file, reboot before attempting to use the file.

The FTP connection may be closed by the FieldFox after a period of inactivity.