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RF and Microwave Engineering Resources

RF and Microwave Engineering is one of the fastest growth areas. Keysight’s RF and Microwave design and simulation tools provide the most complete solution for education and training purposes. For your convenience we have prepared a page dedicated for RF and Microwave topic.

Teaching Materials (For university lecturers or educators who need resources for use in classroom or lab)

i) RF Classroom Solutions - Keysight offers complete curriculum-based solutions which come with a training kit and courseware to help educators and students in the respective classroom subjects.

  • EMI and EMC Teaching Solution - It covers the sources of EMI, fundamental theories, design practices to minimize EMI, compliance rules and testing, and EMI measurements. Allow the students to gain exposure in the usage of spectrum analyzers, oscilloscopes, LCR meters, and other accessories.
  • Antenna & Propagation Teaching Solution - It is an excellent Education tool for RF design and Telecommunications classes targeting 3rd/4th year B.Eng. Electronic engineering students.
  • Digital RF Communications Teaching Solution - A courseware which focuses on digital communication fundamentals, digital modulation techniques, baseband and RF transceiver analysis, transceiver architecture, and end-to-end digital RF system verification.
  • RF Circuit Design Teaching Solution – This is for undergraduate and postgraduate engineering students studying RF and wireless communications.


ii) Back-to-Basics – Engineering can be confusing at first but we've put up some materials which help you remember the fundamentals of the technology.

iii) Posters and CDs – Click. Request. 2 simple steps to get it!

  • 'Radar Fundamentals' Poster - It shows Keysight's latest products, the radar block diagram, basic equations, military nomenclature, pulse compression techniques, and radar-frequency letter bands.
  • Evolving Wireless Standards Poster – Obtain the poster for your 3GPP LTE and other Cellular technologies.

iv) Downloadable Lab Experiments – Covering the RF topic. These have been submitted by leading engineering educators from around the world.

v) RF Equipment for Classroom Labs – Equipment needed for teaching RF technology.

  • N9310A RF Signal Generator - The N9310A is ideal for testing for modern products like cordless phones, digital radios, GPC modules, RFIDs and wireless LAN devices. It is the first in this new entry-level of RF basic instruments. It generates common RF signals from 9kHz up to 3 GHz. With the built-in analog modulation capabilities, it can generate modulated AM, FM, QM and pulse signal easily.
  • N9320B RF Spectrum Analyzer - The accuracy of frequency selective power measurements when characterizing your products is very important. With a newly featured digital IF, the N9320B provides measurement accuracy and speed you need to accomplish tasks easily. Its power meter functionality is a standard feature built-in with Keysight U2000 series power sensor support for highly accurate RF and MW power measurements.
  • N9000A CXA Signal Analyzer - This CXA signal analyzer has capabilities of providing a foundation for cost-effective testing and seamless integration with the other X-Series models. IT is also an excellent teaching tool for RF technology and signal analysis.
  • VSA 89600 Software - Keysight 89600 VSA software is your window into what’s happening inside complex wireless devices. With views of virtually every facet of a problem, the software tools let you see the “why?” behind signal interactions.
  • Keysight VEE Software - Keysight VEE Pro 9.3 is an easy-to-use graphical language environment that provides a quick path to measurement and analysis. It allows seamless operation with hardware and software from Keysight and other manufacturers.
  • Check out more RF Equipment for classroom labs from Keysight.

Research Materials (For those who need resources and help to meet your research and development activities)

i) Recorded Webcasts - List of all of the recorded webcasts on RF.

ii) RF Research – Compilations of published papers & articles from collaborations with university in RF.

iii) RF Equipment for Research Labs – Equipment needed for conducting research in RF technology.

  • N9030A PXA Signal Analyzer - The PXA signal analyzer is the highest-performance member of the X-Series and is the evolutionary replacement for your current performance signal analyzer. It provides frequency coverage up to 50 GHz and ensures present and future flexibility through optional measurement capabilities and hardware expandability.
  • E4440A PSA Spectrum Analyzer - The Keysight E4440A PSA high-performance spectrum analyzer measures and monitors complex RF and microwave signals up to 26.5 GHz. With optional external mixing, the frequency coverage expands to 110 GHz by Keysight external mixer, and to 325 GHz by other vendors' mixer.
  • E8257D PSG Analog Signal Generator - This PSG analog signal generator's high output power and superior level accuracy often eliminates the need of an external amplifier for testing high power devices and minimizes test uncertainty to identify errors early in the design process.
  • N5181A MXG RF Analog Signal Generator - With scalable RF performance, the Keysight MXG analog is easily configured to meet your specific test needs, including LO and clock substitution, CW interferers, and modulated signals for analog communication systems such as AM and FM.
  • VSA 89600 Software - Keysight 89600 VSA software is your window into what’s happening inside complex wireless devices. With views of virtually every facet of a problem, the software tools let you see the “why?” behind signal interactions.
  • Advanced Design System (ADS) – A leading electronic design automation software for RF, microwave, and high speed digital applications. It provides full, standards-based design and verification with Wireless Libraries and circuit-system-EM co-simulation in an integrated platform.