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Manual Factory Calibration for N9912A CAT/NA Modes

This web page describes a manual process for the "factory" calibration for the RF OUT port. This manual process creates or updates the calibration file used when the FieldFox is Preset. If the calibration file is missing when the FieldFox is Preset, the following error will be reported: 110 Factory Calibration File Missing.

The calibration provided by this manual process is somewhat less accurate than the calibration provided by the Error Terms test in TME but it is still acceptable. The "factory" calibration does not have hard specifications.

Note: This process is only supported on N9912A FW revision A.04.54 or earlier. It may be necessary to temporarily downgrade fw in order to use this process.


This process performs a one port calibration on the RF OUT port and creates/updates the calibration file used by the instrument Preset.

The high level steps are:

  • The Lanrunner program is installed on a PC

  • LAN communication is established between the PC and the FieldFox

  • The Factory Cal file is executed by Lanrunner to complete the process

Required equipment

Windows PC

LAN cable

Type-N cal kit, FieldFox "T" cal kit (1250-3607) is preferred but most any good quality type-N cal kit may be used.

Install Lanrunner program on the PC

Download and unzip it to a directory on your PC desktop. The unzip will create five new files.

Execute the setup.exe file recently unzipped. If prompted, select the Repair LanRunnerApp option.

(Note: if Windows 7, use program files (x86) in place of program files in the following steps.)

Copy Factory Cal.txt and simple prompt for testing.txt to c:\program files\keysight technologies\lanrunnerapp\lanrunner files (overwrite existing files as needed)

Copy WindowsApplication1.exe to c:\program files\keysight technologies\lanrunnerapp (this will overwrite an existing file)

Establish communication between the PC and the FieldFox

Follow instructions to establish LAN communication.

Terminate the telnet session by closing the DOS window.

Execute the Lanrunner program

Execute WindowsApplication1.exe.

Enter the FieldFox IP Address.

Click Browse and select Factory Cal.txt

Click Start, follow the prompts to connect the cal standards to the RF OUT port as required. The prompts will appear in separate windows.

When the program is complete, the final text in the Lanrunner window will be "*****COMPLETE*****"

Troubleshooting notes:

  • If Error 110 occurs during the execution of the program, ignore it

  • Sometimes slow LAN traffic may cause the program to error, repeat if necessary

Check the results

Preset the FieldFox

Measure the cal kit standards to check that the calibration is good.