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Instructions for Setting Up Remote Display on FieldFox (Firmware A.04 or later)


  1. Click on this link, then download the zip.
  2. Unzip the downloaded file to create cerhost60.exe.

Usage note: Starting the FieldFox Data Link Software (rev 2.0 or later) while running this remote display software will terminate the remote display software. It may be necessary to reboot the FieldFox in order to restart the remote display software.

Setup instructions

  1. Establish a LAN connection between the FF and the PC. When the connection is established you will have IP addresses for the FF.
    • Instructions for establishing the LAN connection are available (It is not necessary to actually begin the telnet session)
  2. Execute cerhost60.exe. A "Remote ...." window will appear on the PC.
  3. Click File then click Connect. Enter the FF IP address then click OK. After a few seconds the FF display should appear in the window.

Usage hints

  • The PC mouse may be used to "click" soft keys on the FF.
  • Once the remote display capability is operational, you may close the telnet session on the PC at any time.
  • The remote display window on the PC must be the active window on the PC desktop in order for the PC keyboard to be effective. Click in the remote display window to make it the active window.
  • The following PC keyboard keys correspond the to FF keys: