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FieldFox - R1295A Cal Order Process

Purpose of this document:

Notes on ordering calibration "options" for new FieldFox units. The R1295A process must be used to route a new unit to the Keysight Service Centre for the calibration and then to the customer.

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Cal types

The following types of calibrations are covered by this R1295A process:

  • Cal data for commercial cal (generally known as UK6)
  • Z540 cal with data (generally known as A6J)
  • 17025 cal with data (generally known as 1A7)

Ordering Process Overview

  1. The Customer Service Representative, CSR, must enter a "R1295A" line item on the order when one of these calibrations is required by the customer.
  2. The CSR contacts the service center to determine the description and price of the desired cal.
  3. That information is entered for the R1295A item on the order. The delivery time for the order is adjusted to allow for the additional transportation and processing (see Notes below).
  4. After the serial number of the unit is identified, order processing creates a Keysight Service Centre service order for the unit.
  5. The new unit is shipped to the respective Keysight Service Center.
  6. The service center performs the appropriate cal, includes the test report and certificate with the unit and then ships the unit to the customer.


This process adds about three to four weeks to the delivery time for the unit when the new unit is sent directly to a local service center for testing. When a local service center cannot perform the testing and the local process requires shipment to a local service center, then to second service center with FieldFox capability, additional margin should be added to the delivery time to cover the additional transportation and processing time.