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Using SD Card for Installing Firmware

The information on this web page should only be used when a new SOM board has been installed or with permission from factory customer support for FieldFox. If you require permission, please contact factory customer support for FieldFox. Describe the symptoms that make this procedure necessary.

When the flash memory on the FieldFox SOM board has become corrupted or if the SOM board is new, it is necessary to boot the FieldFox from a specially prepared SD card. The boot from this SD card makes no assumptions about the contents of the flash memory on the SOM board. The appropriate set of boot files can be obtained by contacting factory customer support for FieldFox.

This process will erase the flash memory on the SOM board then install new firmware. All file stored on the SOM board will be lost, including calibration files, license files, and configuration files.

Warning: When this process is used, all existing files on the SOM board will be removed. A full set of TME based adjustments will be required.

Note: As of April 19, 2011, this process uses a revised download file. Old versions will not work correctly with new SOM boards.

Advance Preparation

  • Obtain an SD memory card, for requirements see SD card guidelines.
    Note: A mainstream brand SD card is recommended, some minor brand cards will not be recognized during boot up but will operate normally otherwise. Nokia is a known problem "brand."
  • Obtain a USB memory stick.
  • Obtain the option license files for the FieldFox. Email a request to the CTD support email node. Include the model number, serial number, max frequency, and a list of all installed options.

Prepare the SD card and USB memory stick

  • Obtain an SD card as described above.
  • Delete all existing files from the SD card.
  • Load the boot files zip file to a PC.
  • Unzip the boot files onto the empty SD card. Do not copy the zip file to the SD card.
  • Prepare the USB memory stick to load the current firmware onto the FieldFox. See the FieldFox Firmware page for files and instructions. Do not copy the zip file to the memory stick. Make sure there are no other file names that begin with N99 in the root directory of the USB memory stick.

Use the SD card and USB memory stick

  • Power off the FieldFox.
  • Plug the SD card and the USB memory stick into the FieldFox.
  • Power up the FieldFox, a screen titled INITIAL FIRMWARE INSTALL should be displayed.
    • Troubleshooting:
      • If the screen remains blank for more than 20 seconds following power on, try again.
      • If the presence of the SD card makes no difference to the early boot sequence, make sure the content on the card is correct. Then try a different brand of SD card, see note on SD card "brand" in Advance Preparation above.
  • The process will erase flash memory and then automatically start firmware installation. Do not power down during this process.
  • After the Integrity Check is complete during the firmware update process, remove the SD card and the USB memory stick before the firmware update process is complete.
  • The FieldFox will restart and the FieldFox application will eventually load.
  • Install the license files obtained in the Advance Preparation section above. See the section titled To Install Upgrade License Files of FieldFox Option Upgrade Installation Instructions.

Check licenses and perform adjustments

  • View the options installed on the FieldFox:
    • Press System (7)
    • Press System Configuration
    • Press Options
    • Press Show Options
  • Compare the installed options to the options indicated on the serial number label on the back of the instrument. Contact Customer Support if there are missing options. 
  • Perform adjustments and tests as described in the Post-Repair Procedures section of Chapter 7 in the FieldFox Service Guide. Perform the procedures recommended when the SOM board is replaced.