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FieldFox Customer Support - TME N7841A ECal Info

This web page contains information for installing and troubleshooting ECal related software for TME N7841A. The following information only applies to N7841A revision E.02.00 or later.

Use the process below when there is an operation problem related to the ECal module. The following troubleshooting information assumes that you have encountered a problem when attempting to follow the procedure from the Connecting and Troubleshooting the ECal Module section in the N7841A help.

Procedure to Check/Repair PC ECal Software Configuration:

  1. Disconnect ECal module from the PC.
  2. Check PC OS and libraries:
    • PC operating system: Only Windows XP is officially supported at this time. This process may also be used with Windows 7 (32 bit) at this time although Windows 32 is not officially supported for N7800A TME at this time.
    • Libraries: Keysight IO Libraries revision 16.0 or later OR National Instruments VISA 5.0 or later. (Note: the N7841A install process does not report to the user when the correct libraries are not installed. Running the utility in the next step will report a problem if the correct libraries are not installed.)
  3. Run utility to install ECal software provided by N7841A installation: (this utility may be run multiple times without creating problems)

    Administrator privileges are required on the PC to run this utility.

    Find the file named ECalDriverPlugAndPlaySetup.EXE in the ....\N991xA\Tools directory. (Typical path is c:\Program Files\Keysight TME\N991xA\Tools)

    Double click the EXE file to execute it. An ECal Setup Failure will be reported if the appropriate libraries are not installed. If a libraries problem is reported, correct the problem and repeat this step.
  4. Try the procedure in N7841A help again:

    Follow the procedure from the Connecting and Troubleshooting the ECal Module section in the N7841A help. If you are not able to complete the procedure successfully.