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FieldFox Customer Support - TME Software Info

The test and adjustment software for FieldFox is based on the TME test executive. The model number for the software is N7841A. The link provides more information and downloads for TME software. See the help file for N7841A for lists of required test equipment (the help file is available via the previous link).

Example TME test reports: N9912A N9923A

Testing FieldFox with firmware A.07.05 and above:

  • As of October 10, 2013, a new release E.04.01 of N7841A became available. This release requires FieldFox firmware of A.07.05 or later. It also requires Keysight IO Libraries 16.0 or later OR National Instruments VISA 5.0 or later. (See the N7841A readme file for additional details.)

Testing FieldFox with firmware earlier than A.05.31:

  • N9923A - When a customer requires fw earlier than A.05.31, upgrade the fw, test and adjust the instrument, then downgrade the fw. All tests and adjustments are valid.
  • N9912A - When desired fw revision is A.05.15 through A.05.30, treat as N9923A above. When desired fw revision is A.04.54 or earlier, upgrade the fw, test and adjust the instrument, then downgrade the fw to A.04.54. After downgrading the fw, perform the Manual Factory Calibration for CAT/NA modes for N9912A, this will update the factory cal file appropriately. Then further downgrade the fw as needed.


Known Problems When Using TME:

  1. Phaselock Accelerator Adjustment (Only applies to N9923A).
    • This error occurs a zero value is likely being incorrectly read during the adjustment. The probability of this problem occurring is related to temperature.
    • Work around: Run PAA when the FieldFox is as cool as possible. The FieldFox internal temperature for the SB2 sensor must be at least 45 C in order to run PAA. When the attached error occurs, run PAA when the temperature is close to 45 C. The FieldFox may be cooled down directing a fan between the kickstand and the back of the unit and/or putting the unit into standby (paused). This work-around should be successful for most units. If the problem persists even at cooler temperatures, replace the RF board. When an RF board is replaced because this work-around is not successful.


FAQs When Using TME:

  1. Using Power Sensors
    • Some power sensors behave badly when step detection mode is turned on due to older power sensor firmware revision. The solution is to update the power sensor firmware revision to A1.03.01.
  2. Using ECAL on TME N7841A revision E.02.00 or later. Click here to view the information.


Alternatives to TME software for some adjustments:

Special circumstances sometimes require creation of stand-alone adjustment procedures. A list follows.