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Successful High Speed Digital Design with ADS, EMPro, and SystemVue

Signal Integrity Design

Why this workshop material is important:

In the multigigabit era, high speed digital engineers need to solve increasingly tough signal integrity and power integrity challenges. In this hands-on workshop, you’ll get firsthand experience of all the new problem solving power in ADS 2011 including these topics:


ADS Channel Simulator generates eye diagrams with ultralow BER contours in just a few seconds. This makes it practical to optimize your chip-to-chip link with “What if...?” design space exploration. The end points can be generic transmitters and receivers or, new in ADS 2011, vendor-provided IC models based on the IBIS AMI standard. You can even include parameterized layout candidates with electromagnetic (EM) co-design and ADS look-alike components.

Power Integrity

Traditional power integrity tools rely on approximations that break down for today’s heavily perforated power and ground planes. ADS 2011 includes unique power integrity capabilities that give accurate results even in the presence of heavy perforation, including split power ground PCBs. In addition, unlike some PI tools that fail above a few hundred MHz, ADS Momentum can accurately model the multi GHz ripple effects seen in the PDN of today’s small form factor IC packages.

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