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Reduce your test time with a new 4-in-1 pulse generator - download free application notes

Set up any kind of real-world signal with just a single instrument

The 81160A pulse function arbitrary noise generator is a four-in-one instrument with capabilities up to 500 MHz.

You can download following application notes.

Generating Looped Test Patterns or PRBS Signals with a Preamble – Application Note
This application brief presents two methods for generating test signals that require a specific preamble followed by looped test data.

Stressing 1 GbE Receivers on the Physical Layer
The 81160A Pulse Function Arbitrary Noise Generator is also the right choice for meeting the test challenges in Gigabit Ethernet environment where signal integrity is often threatened by inadequate cabling. Setting up a real-world PAM5 signal with noise, jitter and any other distortion is a breeze with the 81160A.

Arbitrary Bit-Shape Pattern
You need a repeatable worst-case signal with noise, asymmetric delay, crossing point deviations, duty cycle distortions, arbitrary transition times and level noise? The new 81160A pattern generator can be a convenient alternative to a high-end arbitrary waveform generator.

Pulse Function Arbitrary Noise Generators – Applications
Accurate Pulse, Function Arbitrary and Noise Generation in a Single Box.
Learn more about testing SATA, noise and jitter tolerance, radar and Nanotechnology.

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