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Bluetooth DesignGuide

The Bluetooth DesignGuide is an application package for Advanced Design System (ADS) that helps you select the best design topology quickly.

Product Highlights

  • Basic System Test Benches
  • Test Benches for 802.11b/g WLAN Interference
  • Component/Subnetwork Evaluations
  • VCO/Phase-Locked-Loop (PLL) Investigations
  • Multipath Propagation Test Benches
  • System Compliance Tests

The Bluetooth DesignGuide contains various system test benches and reference designs (for example, an optimal low-IF receiver) for the RF portion of the Bluetooth physical layer. Briefly, it allows for the investigation of system performance (from simple EYE diagrams to BER, the ultimate test) when there are present impairments such as AWGN (Gaussian noise), VCO phase noise, multipath, and/or co-channel / adjacent-channel / intermodulation / pulsed-RF interference. In many cases, the receiver's EYE diagram may be observed in real time during the simulation, while the level of the signal or interferer is adjusted via an interactive slider. In addition, the DesignGuide addresses some PLL/VCO design issues and helps you select the best demodulator for your receiver.

The Bluetooth DesignGuide is integrated into the Ptolemy Element.

Bluetooth and the Bluetooth logos are trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc., U.S.A. and licensed to Keysight Technologies, Inc.