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Keysight Ptolemy Fixed-Point Analysis

Claudius PtolemyKeysight Ptolemy Fixed-Point Analysis adds fixed-point model analysis and optimization capability to the Keysight Ptolemy models. Designers can model fixed-point math effects (up to 256 bits using two's complement or unsigned magnitude), bit-width effects (user-specifiable format), and quantization effects (rounding or truncations).

An update to the Fixed-Point Synthesizable Library makes available new models and other enhancements.

Product Highlights

  • Fixed-point model analysis and optimization
  • Math effects, bit-width effects, and quantization effects

Keysight Ptolemy includes a wide variety of digital signal processing (DSP) and communications models that provide powerful algorithm and modeling capability using floating-point math. However, many DSP designs are implemented using fixed-point math.

Keysight Ptolemy Fixed-Point Analysis is integrated into the Ptolemy Element.