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Keysight Ptolemy Simulator

Claudius PtolemyThe Keysight Ptolemy Simulator is a system-level simulation and design solution based on a hybrid of synchronous and timed synchronous dataflow technologies.

It simplifies the design and simulation of digital (DSP), analog, mixed-signal based RF systems, circuits including wireless wireline receivers, transmitters, modems, cellular phones, radar.

Product Highlights

  • Provides hybrid dataflow and time domain design and simulation capability for mixed digital signal processing (DSP), analog and RF systems
  • Comes with extensive DSP, communications, analog and RF model libraries to assemble reference systems quickly
  • Many models include open source code to help users create new custom models quickly
  • Provides ability to co-simulate with analog (High Frequency SPICE) and RF (Circuit Envelope) simulators to do true mixed signal analysis and design
  • Measured signal data (I&Q data from Keysight 89600B/ E4406A VSAs & E4440 PSA) data can now be read directly into Advanced Design System (ADS).
  • Keysight Ptolemy Hardware Description Language (HDL) co-simulation includes HDL co-simulation with Cadence's NC-Sim and Mentor's Modelsim.
  • New Automatic Verification Modeling capability enables fast co-simulation with Circuit Envelope.
  • Comes with more than ten different optimization algorithms for fine tuning system designs based on user-specified design goals.

Keysight Ptolemy Simulator Sampled SpectrumThe Keysight Ptolemy Simulator uses innovative simulation technologies to enable design and simulation of purely DSP based circuits such as FIR filters or digital Costas loops. In the same environment, it also provides the capability to analyze RF circuitry chains including amplifiers, mixers, and filters.

The Keysight Ptolemy Simulator is integrated into the Ptolemy Element.