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Why are my N4010A DEVM test results different with firmware revision A.05.03.15?

Prior to firmware revision A.05.03.15, IQ Offset compensation was applied during DEVM calculations. This compensation could not be disabled.

Revision A.05.03.15 introduced the ability to enable/disable IQ Offset compensation via a remote command. Unfortunately the default setting for this was set to OFF, which changed the behavior of the N4010A in an environment where the controlling test code cannot be modified. This was a short-lived release that has since been removed from the Agilent web site due to this backwards compatibility issue.

Revision A.05.03.16 includes the ability to enable/disable IQ Offset compensation, but has a default setting of ON.

Units using revision A.05.03.15 must be upgraded to revision A.05.03.16 (or newer).