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Why does the switch buzz when connected to the 11713B/C switch driver?

Check whether one or more button(s) from 1 to 8 and button 9 or 0 are activated (LED OFF) simultaneously. Please make sure one or more button(s) from 1 to 8 is not activated (LED OFF) together with button 9 or 0.

When 8710x, 8720x, L710x or L720x series switch (with option 161) is driven with the 11713B/C (with cable option 401 or 601), buttons 1 through 8 of 11713B/C are used to control the path of the switches. When the button LED is OFF, the respective path of the switch will be closed. Buttons 9 or 0 are used to open all paths of the switches when activated (button 9 or 0 LED OFF).

Do not close (LED off) one or more path(s) of the switch (button 1 through 8) and activate “open all path” (button 9 or 0 LED OFF) simultaneously as this will create conflict and cause the switch to buzz.