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W1461BP SystemVue – OFDM, Zigbee, Digital Modulation Sources

W1461BP SystemVue Comms Architect is Keysight’s premier platform for system-level design. The W1461 SystemVue core environment includes free reference sources and application examples for OFDM, Zigbee, and approximately 40 types of digital modulation. These versatile building block signal types are the foundation of most modern communications systems, and can be used for algorithm modeling, system simulation, and interaction with test equipment for live component validation.

 The W1461 includes free baseband reference signal sources:

  • Custom OFDM, with framing (companion to 89600 VSA software, option “BHF”)
  • Approximately 40 types of digital modulation (companion to 89600 VSA software, option “AYA”)
  • 802.15.4d (Zigbee) transmit/receive blockset and BER/fading testbenches

The W1461 SystemVue core environment is a key platform for your model-based communications design flow. It includes built-in support for C++ and math language modeling; advanced dataflow simulation; reference block sets; digital filtering; instrument connectivity; and even application examples, with no other licenses needed. By providing links to floating point, fixed point, HDL, SystemC, RF EDA, test instruments, and scripting, SystemVue allows quick exploration and signal generation at every level of hardware abstraction for emerging and secure physical layer formats. 

Custom OFDM Design & VerificationFigure 1.  SystemVue's custom OFDM reference resource can be used for both simulation and test & measurement applications. Shown here, OFDM signals created with SystemVue can be demodulated using the Keysight 89600 VSA software, option BHF, both in simulation or hardware measurements.

Custom OFDM waveform creation

SystemVue includes a general-purpose OFDM reference block set and application examples, which can be used to create a variety of emerging formats. SystemVue also provides a parameterized OFDM Reference Source, with full framing and preambles, built using the OFDM block set. It then wraps a new graphical UI around this OFDM source, ready for simulation, component validation, or downloading to Keysight signal generators (such as Keysight PXI Modular and MXG families) and wideband arbitrary waveform generators (such as Keysight M8190A, 81180A, and M9330A).

The SystemVue OFDM source also provides configuration information to the “Custom OFDM” personality of the Keysight 89600 VSA software (option BHF), so that the VSA can be used to demodulate and analyze the signal, where applicable. SystemVue and the Keysight 89600 VSA software therefore make a natural OFDM waveform developer’s suite that be used for both the design and verification of emerging, secure, optical, and specialty communications formats based on OFDM.

Helpful OFDM links

General purpose digital modulation source

SystemVue now provides a convenient, single-block digital modulation source that generates general purpose signals for a wide variety of applications, along with a single-block EVM measurement to quantify the signal quality for many of the same formats. With this matched pair, system architects and component verifiers can quickly validate design robustness over a range of swept RF and Baseband impairments, fading, and interference conditions. The digital modulation source has the further benefit of carefully aligning with the Keysight 89600 VSA software Option AYA for demodulation, allowing stimulus-response analysis in both simulation and test equipment.

  • SystemVue’s convenient “DigitalMod” source provides baseband modulation mapping, differential encoding (for select formats), oversampling, and filtering that would otherwise need to be built by hand from lower level simulation primitives. It is fully parameterized and sweepable, and supports approximately 40 types of linear and nonlinear digital modulation.

To demodulate these waveforms, two additional Keysight products can be added to SystemVue . The W1902 Digital Modem library provides complete demodulation of all 40 formats, outputting the received data bits for BER and EVM testing. For 18 formats it also adds support for direct sequence spread spectrum (DSSS), as well framing, equalization, synchronization, AGC, and other functions in a working reference receiver. In addition, the 89600 VSA software option “AYA” option visualize and measure the signal quality of the DigitalMod waveforms, for convenient component validation.

  • For 11 most common modulation formats, the SystemVue “EVM” measurement block is a single input measurement sink that performs its own symbol clock recovery, demodulation, and vector comparison between the input signal vs. its own reference to produce a variety of signal quality measurements. The measurement algorithms of the EVM block also align well with the internal algorithms of the 89600 VSA software, allowing consistent, accurate simulation results to be compared “apples-to-apples” against results from the test & measurement environment.

802.15.4d (Zigbee) block set

An 802.15.4d transmit/receive blockset (figure 2) is also included with the W1461BP SystemVue Comms Architect core environment. This blockset includes both Transmit and Receive PHY reference designs, and link-level testbenches figure 3) that provide templates for further exploration.

Figure 2. A listing of 802.15.4d blockset and testbenches included with the W1461BP SystemVue environment.

SystemVue prvides application-level support for Zigbee, GPS, Galileo and other common formats

Figure 3. SystemVue includes 802.15.4d reference designs and testbenches that assists development of ad-hoc network PHYs and WPANs in the military, space, and commercial wireless communities


The general-purpose signal generation capabilities shown here are included free with the base W1461 SystemVue environment.

For complete TX and RX reference blockset with BER analysis, the W1902 Digital Modem library makes an excellent addition to any SystemVue environment.

Learn more about SystemVue ESL software.