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PC oscilloscope systems leverage turnkey acquisition software

Multichannel measurement systems based on Keysight digitizers or time-to-digital converters (TDCs) can be easily controlled using the turnkey AcqirisMAQS acquisition software. This powerful PC oscilloscope software is designed for the control and monitoring of advanced, multi-channel data acquisition systems. Its capabilities allow remote Ethernet-based operation of multiple systems located across a network.

Getting multiple perspectives
Similar to a PC-based oscilloscope, the user-friendly AcqirisMAQS interface provides a familiar multiple-window that can show multiple waveforms and cursors for fast and easy measurements. Scalable waveform display windows show the acquired data from selected channels as a function of time. Within this PC oscilloscope-style interface, the horizontal (time) and vertical (amplitude or magnitude) axes are easily defined and resized, and gridlines can be added or removed.

Individual waveform display windows can be divided into separate plot areas. This can include additional acquisition data traces, persistence traces, or a frequency spectrum calculated using a choice of FFT windowing routines.

Within each trace, cursors provide simple and accurate measurements of time and amplitude values. As in many PC oscilloscope systems, signal measurements such as rise time, duty cycle and overshoot are also available. These measurements are displayed as a function of the displayed traces.

Maximizing the benefits
When used with Keysight high-speed digitizers, the AcqirisMAQS provides two key benefits:

  • Confidence: If a trigger is detected by the digitizer, the signal of interest will be recorded.
  • Data integrity: The recorded data will be correctly retrieved from the digitizer’s memory.

Create your own PC oscilloscope-style system and configure it for applications as diverse as biotechnology, semiconductors, aerospace, physics and astronomy. Using modular high-speed digitizer hardware, you can configure a PC oscilloscope system with up to 80 channels in a single 19-inch rack-mounted chassis.

For more information about high-speed digitizers integrated as PC oscilloscope systems, ask a digitizer product expert by clicking here.