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X-Series Signal Analyzer and Measurement Application Enhancements

Expanded frequency coverage on X-Series Signal Analyzers

  • Perform power spectrum measurements and demodulation with the new Keysight M1971E wideband
  • USB smart mixer that covers up to 55-90 GHz with IF BW over 2 GHz
  • 25 MHz analysis bandwidth now comes standard with the UXA and PXA signal analyzers

Measurement applications for the flagship UXA with multi-touch

  • Analog demodulation, N9063C: one-button measurements up to 160 MHz, demodulation metrics table, multi-trace view displays, and more
  • Noise figure, N9069C: one-button noise figure and gain measurements for multiple DUT’s
  • Satisfactory measurement uncertainty with “Internal cal” including noise floor extension (NFE), and the intuitive built-in measurement uncertainty calculator
  • Supports Keysight SNS Series smart noise sources, 346 Series noise sources, and U7227x Series USB preamps

X-Series measurement applications for PXA/MXA/EXA/CXA

  • WLAN measurement application, N/W9077A
    - WLAN 802.11ah with all bandwidths of 1/2/4/8/16 MHz demodulation and spectrum measurements such as SEM and ACP
    - One-button preset for 802.11j/p for spectrum emission mask (SEM), adjacent channel power (ACP) and demodulation analysis
    - 1024 QAM for 802.11ac
  • LTE/LTE-Advanced FDD and TDD, N/W9080B and N/W9082B
    - Modulation analysis and conformance EVM updates including simultaneous acquisition of up to 5 component carriers, auto detection of DL CA carrier cross scheduling, and UE in band emissions for carrier aggregation
    - SEM updates for non-contiguous carrier aggregation including ACLR for non-contiguous CA, inner and outer offset measurements in one measurement sequence, and inner-offset CACLR on/off auto setup based on carrier configuration
  • EMI, N/W6141A: frequency scan enhancements with 4 million trace points, pause trace between and within a range, user logo in report generator, simultaneous Avg and QP detectors, and more
  • Bluetooth measurement application, N/W9081A: supports Bluetooth 4.2 for LE data packet length extension in PHY layer
  • DVB-T/H/T2, N/W6153A: T2-Lite capability with additional code rates for mobile performance improvement

M9290A CXA-m PXIe signal analyzer

  • Industry’s first modular stimulus/response measurement solution with a built-in tracking generator up to 26.5 GHz
  • Supports N9064A VXA vector signal analysis measurement application and 89600 VSA software

Previous enhancements

  • Industry-leading phase noise performance, real-time technology, and the widest analysis bandwidth with the introduction of the new UXA, the flagship of the X-Series signal analyzers
  • Real-time enhancements on the PXA and MXA adding analysis with external mixing up to 110 GHz using Keysight smart mixers and up to 1.1 THz with VDI's frequency extender
  • LTE and WLAN radio formats supported in PowerSuite one-button measurements across all X-Series signal analyzers
  • Best-in-class sensitivity on EXA with noise floor extension, improved DANL, and license-key only upgrade
  • Reduce EMI test time with time domain scan on PXA, MXA, and EXA with the EMI measurement application
  • Extended frequency range with the added capability of the VXA measurement application
  • RRC filter support through the TD-SCDMA measurement application 

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