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DC Power Supply Controller

This is an example program that works with the following Model Numbers:

  • 661xC
  • 663xB
  • 663xxx
  • 664xA
  • 665xA
  • 667xA
  • 668xA
  • 669xA
  • N57xxA
  • N87xxA
  • N67xx

The attached files contain an example of how to use basic functionality of many different Keysight Power Supplies. This program will allow the user to set voltage, set current, enable the output, set over voltage protection, set over current protection, measure voltage, and measure current.

There are two attached files. One is a compiled exe file that will run on any PC with the Keysight IO Libraries. The second is a Visual Basic 6 program that includes all of the underlying code. This code is free to modify.

Please e-mail any feedback on this example to

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Documents & Downloads

DC Controller 

Programming Example 2010-06-04

null EXE 189 KB
DC Power Supply Programmer 

Programming Example 2010-06-04

null ZIP 22 KB