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Free Power Measurement Hints and Tips

Keysight Technologies provides a wide selection of power meters and sensors for your application needs – wireless communications, radar pulse measurements, components testing and more. We want to help you make better measurements in less time, so we’ve lined up an array of resources for you.

Application Note: Achieving Fast and Accurate Multi-Channel Power Measurements Over a Wide Dynamic Range for Wireless Manufacturing
Today, new chipsets are designed to handle wider power ranges to support higher data throughput and a wider coverage area. In addition to good repeatability, fast measurement speed and high accuracy, obtaining a wide power measurement range is now a key requirement in RF power measurements for wireless chipset or power amplifier manufacturing. Learn more about the typical power measurement test setups and recommended settings for wireless manufacturing, and how the Keysight U2040XA Series wide dynamic range power sensors are the ideal solution to achieve optimum manufacturing throughput.

Application Note: Achieving Accurate E-band Power Measurements with Keysight E8486A Waveguide Power Sensors

In response to increasing demand for ultra-high data rates, many millimeter-wave (mm-wave) applications have moved into the 60- to 90-GHz frequency, or E-band, range. Learn more the new E8486A E-band waveguide power sensor in this application note, which also covers related E-band mm-wave applications use cases such as mobile backhaul test and point-to-point radio transceiver output power measurements.

Application Note: Long-Term, Remote Monitoring of Satellite Performance Using a Keysight High-Frequency USB Power Sensor

Increased data rates and bandwidth as well as high operating frequencies create significant challenges for RF engineers in testing a satellite system, module or component. Learn more about the power measurement requirements of typical satellite applications and how Keysight USB power sensors improve accuracy, reliability and test coverage.

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• Simplifying Power Added Efficiency Testing Using a Single 8990B Peak Power Analyzer
• Testing Radar Transmitter Amplitude and Timing Stability using the Keysight 8990B Peak Power Analyzer

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