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Free CD including Data Acquisition Measurement Tips

Data Acquisition Switch Unit

Check out this special offer available for Keysight’s Data Acquisition customers:

Register below and you’ll receive the new General Purchase CD with the 9 following measurement tips designed to share practical knowledge to help you get the most out of your Data Acquisition Unit.

Latest Series: Measurement/Tips Focusing on New Technology and Connectivity Needs:
• Selecting Modern Sensors for Today's Data Acquisition Systems
• Increase Data Acquisition Flexibility Using Wireless LAN
• Simplify Data Acquisition with a Built-in LXI Web Server

Tips Focusing on Temperature Measurements:
• Tips for Making Good Thermocouple Measurements in Noisy Environments
• Practical Hints for Making Fast Scans of Multiple-Sensor Systems
• Hints for Selecting the Correct Temperature Sensor for Your Application

Tips Focusing on Data Logger:
• Improve Your Data Logging Productivity Using Advanced Limit Testing
• Efficient use of Data Logging and Decision Making with Multiple Scan Lists
• Responding to Data Logging Events Using Action Scripts

In addition, your CD will include a comprehensive, easy to navigate library of application notes, measurement tips, product information and application videos for Keysight's broad portfolio of general purpose instruments including function generators, DMMs, power supplies, counters and data acquisition solutions.

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