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Genesys Synthesis

The Genesys Synthesis building block contains the RF industry’s widest coverage of circuit and system synthesis capabilities for passive and active components. It also includes the Genesys Filter & Match building block. Genesys Synthesis modules create high-performance circuit and system components to accelerate routine design tasks from hours to minutes; and enable fast make-or-buy decisions on common components.

The Genesys Synthesis Block Includes:
Module Description  
  Genesys Filter Synthesis Classical lumped filter synthesis for RF applications with over 100 topologies. This is the most popular synthesis module. Genesys Filter Synthesis
  Genesys M/Filter Synthesis Distributed filter synthesis for microwave applications with over 60 topologies, including automatic layout for subsequent EM analysis. Synthesizes high-performance microwave filters and assists make-versus-buy decisions. Genesys Distributed Filter Synthesis for Microwave Applications
  Genesys S/Filter Synthesis Advanced lumped LC and distributed filter synthesis for customized frequency response shaping. Comes with over 200 interactive lumped and distributed topological transforms for high-performance filter realization. Genesys S-Filter Synthesis
  Genesys A/Filter Synthesis Active op-amp analog filter synthesis with over 30 topologies. Use for IF, video, baseband frequencies, and control applications such as power control and AGC circuits. Genesys Active Op-Amp Analog Filter Synthesis
  Genesys Equalize Synthesis Synthesizes equalization networks to compensate for linear phase distortions in the circuit or system that impacts modulation fidelity such as error vector magnitude (EVM), video and audio fidelity. Genesys Equalize Synthesis
  Genesys Match Synthesis Synthesizes impedance-matching networks over narrow and broad frequency bands with lumped or distributed components and complex frequency-dependent loads. Genesys Match Synthesis
  Genesys Oscillator Synthesis Explore 19 RF oscillator topologies from classical L-C, transmission line, SAW, crystal, cavity, and coaxial hybrid. Recommended companion to the Genesys Harbec or Genesys Cayenne circuit simulators. Genesys Oscillator Synthesis
  Genesys Advanced T/Line
Synthesizes 13 types of transmission lines with lumped-distributed circuit conversion and automatic discontinuity insertion. Converts ideal electrical designs to physical implementation such as microstrips and striplines on your choice of substrate.
Genesys Advanced Transmission Line Synthesis
  Genesys PLL Synthesis Explore Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) architectures with PLL synthesis of analog loop filters and 5 setup wizards to design frequency synthesizers and phase/frequency modulators/demodulators. Genesys PLL Synthesis
  Genesys Signal Control Synthesis Synthesizes a variety of lumped and distributed couplers (10 types), splitters (10 types), baluns (5 types), and attenuator (2 types) circuits that control RF signal flow. Genesys Signal Control Synthesis
  Genesys Mixer Synthesis Explore a range of performance trade-offs between 11 RF mixer topologies based on BJTs, FETs and diodes—from diode rings to Gilbert Cells. Design companion to the Genesys Harbec circuit simulator. Genesys Mixer Synthesis

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