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Genesys Cayenne Simulation

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Genesys Cayenne is a time-domain nonlinear circuit simulator that uses Spice-like transient simulation, but with extensive algorithmic enhancements with fast convolution technology to use accurate RF physical models and frequency-domain S-parameter data needed in RF and microwave design. Time-domain simulation analyzes DC and transient characteristics (such as amplifier pulsed response, oscillator start up time and high-speed data channel eye-diagram) that steady-state frequency-domain harmonic balance simulator does not do directly.

Unlike Spice, full integration of Cayenne with Genesys EM simulators and physical models enables high-frequency physical effects (such as coupling, reflection and dispersion) in the RF or high-speed signal path to be analyzed accurately before hardware prototyping. Genesys is the most affordable high performance design suite that provides transparent integration and co-simulation of EM and transient simulators using accurate high-frequency models to achieve realizable designs in the shortest time and with more confidence over disjointed tools. Advanced convolution technology in Cayenne enables both full-frequency and a faster hybrid frequency/time mode that creates transient models that are exactly correct at the high frequency of interest and approximated at other frequencies. This lets designers iterate and tune their designs much faster to reach specs at the design frequency while viewing the response in the time-domain for other characteristics.

Genesys Cayenne Simulation Module

Genesys Cayenne Simulation Module

Product Features


  • Compatible with all Genesys linear, nonlinear, Verilog-A, and system elements
  • Full DC analysis and optimization of DC voltages and currents
  • Compatible with tuning, optimization, Monte Carlo analysis and yield optimization
  • Allows direct use of S-parameter data files
  • SPICE model import
  • Full support of frequency-domain linear models via convolution
  • Hybrid frequency/time mode creates models which are exactly correct at a specific high frequency and which are approximate at other frequencies
  • Simulation controls allows user trade-off of accuracy and simulation time
  • Support for true hierarchy and parameterized sub-circuit
  • Transparent co-simulation of Transient and EM simulators with both lumped and distributed elements in the circuit

How is Genesys Cayenne made available?


Genesys Cayenne is available in Genesys bundles containing the Circuit building block, namely:

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