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Desktop EasyEXPERT Application Test: Basic IV measurement for the Keysight E5270B and E5260A series

Library Installation:

Import this application test definition into the Desktop EasyEXPERT library. The "Basic IV measurement for E5270B and E5260A series" application test definitions are imported in the "E526x E5270B" library category.


These appliction test definition run on Desktop EasyEXPERT A.04.00 or later.


Refer to the Quick Start Guide for installation in Documents and Downloads below.

Documents & Downloads

Quick Start Guide 
Quick start guide of the E5270B and E5260 Sereis sample application test for the Desktop EasyEXPERT

Release Notes 2009-07-01

null PDF 449 KB
E5270B and E5260 Series EasyEXPERT Driver 
Sample application test package of the E5270B and E5260 Series switching matrix for the Desktop EasyEXPERT Software

Programming Example 2009-07-01

null ZIP 95 KB