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MMIC Design Seminar Materials

The art of designing MMICs to satisfy speed to market at the lowest cost can be achieved with a good design methodology and environment. This web page has been designed to provide you with a complete set of technical information material that helps you take advantage of the latest productivity enhancements in the modern high-frequency EDA tools in Advanced Design System (ADS), for fast and accurate MMIC design.

The technical material included in these seminar style materials will help guide you through the critical steps designers need to carry out in order to achieve the fastest time-to-market at the lowest cost. The steps will help you create robust MMIC designs with first-pass success and high yield, while minimizing development and production costs.

Through the use of the video demonstrations, slide presentations, ADS project files, and Hands-On workshop materials included in this front-to-back MMIC design flow seminar, you will learn the important methodology of:

  • MMIC Design-for-Manufacturing (DFM) for optimizing yield and minimizing cost.
  • Efficient and accurate MMIC layout using a judicious combination of auto and manual design synchronization coupled with DRC and full 3D EM verification.
  • Co-simulating MMIC circuits within a system to verify compliance with wireless system standards for first-pass acceptance by your end customers.

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Note: The MMIC Design Seminar videos, presentations, ADS projects, workshops and more (January 2009) DVD is no longer avaialble.



MMIC Design Seminar Materials
Topic Description
  X-Parameters NVNA and X-Parameter Simulation in ADS
  Front-to-Back MMIC Design Our complete design flow for MMIC design with ADS
  Layout Discover the power of Advanced Design System (ADS) Layout
  Trace and Via Insertion Learn how easy it is to automatically insert traces and vias with the single push of a key
  Design Rule Checker View a demonstration of the ADS Design Rule Checker
  Design for Manufacturing Transform standard designs into robust ones with first-pass success and high yield
  Design of Experiments Learn methods to pinpoint the source of yield problems in a design
  Yield Sensitivity Histograms Gain valuable insight into your designs with Yield Sensitivity Histograms
  Sensitivity Analysis Compute any response versus any design variable - go beyond the traditional SPICE sensitivity analysis
  Package and Bondwire Effects with EMDS View a demonstration of how ADS is used to verify a MMIC Ku-band LNA using its integrated simulator