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How can I perform the calibration/compensation when I use the 16094A with a 7-mm connector extension cable?

It is recommended to perform the following compensation procedure:

  1. Perform open/short/load calibration at the end of the 7-mm connector extension cable before connecting the 16094A to the cable.
  2. After connecting the 16094A to the tip of the extension cable, enter the specified electrical length, 23.2 mm, of the 16094A to the instrument.
  3. Perform open and short compensations at the tip of the 16094A. The open measurement is performed by locating the center pin and ground pin electrodes the same distance apart as when they are contacting the DUT. Short measurement is performed by shorting the probe. To short the probe with minimum impedance, it is recommended to use a gold-plated shorting device. The figures below show the images of open and short conditions.

16094A Open/Short Compensation