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Vendor Component Libraries

Keysight EDA actively engages with component manufacturers to create model libraries that will enable you to access the latest models and technologies. There are numerous vendors providing libraries for Keysight's PathWave Advanced Design System (ADS) and PathWave RF Synthesis (Genesys) RF and Microwave Design Software.

Component vendors use Keysight software, hardware, and expertise to develop models for use in electronic design automation (EDA) simulation tools. By assisting vendors in this process, and using a web-based model delivery approach, Keysight EDA customers can augment their existing ADS and Genesys libraries of over 100,000 parts with the latest available parts from the industry. Additionally, Keysight EDA provides an easy-to-use Library Builder tool to vendors who would like to supply ADS and/or Genesys model libraries for their components.

The ADS models provided by the vendors listed in the table below generally fall in one or more of these three categories: ADS design kits (these may include symbols and/or layout footprints), models in the Keysight EDA’s industry-standard Touchstone .snp (S-Parameter) format, and SPICE models compatible with ADS. Additionally, Modelithics, Inc.  provides high-accuracy RF and Microwave active and passive simulation models (for ADS as well as Genesys) for components from several vendors.

Note: If you are a vendor and would like to be added to the following table by providing your model libraries for ADS (and/or Genesys), or would like to extend your current model libraries to include symbols and/or layout footprints, please send us an e-mail to access the latest version of our easy-to-use Library Builder tool.

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ADS Vendor Component Libraries

Note: We are in the process of updating the content in the table below. Please check back for additional updates.

Vendor Component Libraries for ADS
Vendor S-parameter models Schematic Symbol Available Layout Footprint Available
Altera  Check    
Anadigics   Check    
Analog Devices   Check    
Astra MTL   Check    
ATC   Check    
Avago Technologies   Check    
AVX  Check Check Check
Banpil Photonics   Check    
California Eastern Laboratories (CEL)   Check    
Coilcraft  Check Check Check
Cree  Check    
Cyntec  Check Check Check
Dielectric Laboratories   Check    
DT Microcircuits Corporation   Check    
Excelics   Check    
Freescale Semiconductor   Check    
Hexawave   Check    
Hittite Microwave Corporation  Check Check Check
HRL Laboratories, LLC   Check    
IMST-GmBh   Check    
Johanson Technology  Check Check  
KOA Speer   Check    
Metelics   Check    
Mini-Circuits   Check    
Mitsubishi   Check    
Modelithics  Check Check Check
Murata Check Check  
NEC   Check    
NXP   Check  Check  
On Semiconductors   Check    
Panasonic  Check Check  
Polyfet  Check Check Check
Presidio Components, Inc.   Check    
RF Micro Devices   Check    
ROHM  Check Check  
Samsung  Check Check  
Samtec  Check Check  
Samyoung   Check    
Skyworks   Check    
Taiyo Yuden  Check Check  
TDK  Check Check
Temwell Corporation   Check    
TFT Corporation   Check    
Toko   Check    
Toshiba   Check    
TransCom   Check    
TriQuint   Check    
Tyco Electronics   Check    
Vishay   Check