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Migrate from the ESA-E to the EXA Signal Analyzer

Did you know? The EXA is tested to the same rugged shake and shock tests as the ESA.

Upgrading or replacing your ESA-E with the N9010A EXA X-Series signal analyzer is easy and cost-effective. Take advantage of the open Windows® operating system, demodulation hardware, and faster sweep times – all standard on the EXA.

Significant benefits to upgrading or replacing your ESA

  • Applications: over 25+ embedded applications, including phase noise and noise figure
  • Compatibility: code compatibility and emulation between the ESA and EXA ensures a smooth and economical migration
  • Features/options: EXA provides many features and options as standard that are offered only as options on the ESA
  • Speed: EXA is up to 50 times faster than the ESA over GPIB; can increase EXA speed by using USB ports or 100Base-T LAN
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Compare the ESA-E to EXA 7 Reasons to Migrate from ESA to EXA
View side-by-side specifications ESA-E Data Sheet
View side-by-side configurations ESA-E Configuration Guide
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Switch to the Keysight EXA X-Series Signal Analyzer 
Switch to Keysight's EXA Signal Analyzer. Make better noise figure measurements. See 3rd party reviews, compare to the Rohde & Schwarz FSV & more. There are several classifications of signal (spectrum) analyzers - RF, uW, millimeter and digital signal analyzers. The N9010B EXA signal analyzer offers RF, uW and millimeter frequency ranges.

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Migrating from Legacy Spectrum Analyzers Flyer 
One-page, quick reference for migrating from legacy ESA, ESA-L, and PSA platforms to new X-Series technology.

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