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RF SiP/Module Design Value

As the industry leader in high frequency simulation technologies, Keysight EEsof EDA brings high value to your RF SiP/Module design success. The seamless integrated design environment of Advanced Design System (ADS) offers RF SiP/Module designers full access to system, circuit, and electromagnetic simulations that enable co-design of system, circuit, package, and interconnects together to achieve the highest productivity in RF-SIP/Module design by eliminating multiple stops and starts associated with changing design tools in mid-cycle.

RF SiP/Module Design Example

Because Keysight Technologies engineers design RF SiP/Modules as their customers do, they better understand, not only the design challenges, but also how to design the right solution. The RF SiP/Module solutions are also proven by Keysight RF SiP/Module designers in the state-of-the-art instrumentation and RF SiP/Module components.

Keysight EDA delivers the industries best design solution for RF SiP/Module by:

  • Achieving first pass design success
  • Reducing risk of last minute design failures
  • Providing a proven methodology for high accuracy designs

Achieving First Pass Design Success

Keysight EDA provides the fastest way to first pass design success with co-design simulation flow for over 4x cycle time reduction.

RF SiP/Modules are typically complex systems or sub-systems with multiple ICs, off-chip passives, and various interconnects in a single package. Co-design with multiple technologies to analyze the complex and dynamic interactions between them is the key to fist pass design success. The comprehensive RF SiP/Module design solutions from Keysight EDA are designed to specifically address these complex design problems by enabling circuit, system and EM co-simulation and co-optimization in a single integrated design environment, which eliminates the need for design translation and data manipulation. Consequently, Keysight's RF-SiP co-design flow enables RF SiP/Module designers to complete their designs efficiently, where at least a 4x improvement in the RF SIP design cycle can easily be achieved.

RF System-in-Package Design

Reducing Risk of Last Minute Design Failures

Keysight EDA provides the best way to reduce risks of last minute design failures with the most complete and integrated modeling solutions.

The most painful experience of the RF SiP/Module designer is to see a good design ruined at the last minute due to the unaccounted physical effects of the package, interconnect, and transition which cannot be assumed or treated as simple short circuits at increasing bandwidth and speed requirements.

Off-chip and embedded passive components also start introducing significant parasitics and coupling problems at high frequencies.

Keysight EDA has specifically integrated the complete range of 3D electromagnetic simulation technologies into the RF SiP/Module design flow to tackle these challenges. Keysight's EM simulation technology provides the fullest modeling and verification of physical effects on RF SiP/Module performance before committing to production.

Keysight EDA provides world-class EM simulation technologies ranging from Method of Moments (MoM), Finite Element Method (FEM), and Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD). By integrating EM simulation results of passives, packages, interconnects, and transitions to system and circuit design, it is now possible to co-simulate and co-optimize all aspects of the RF SiP/Module for optimal production yield and performance.

Because the accuracy of simulations is only as good as the device models, Keysight EDA also offers the Integrated Circuit Characterization and Analysis Program (IC-CAP) for efficient and accurate extraction of active device and circuit model parameters. IC-CAP provides powerful characterization and analysis capabilities for all of today's semiconductor modeling processes.

Electromagnetic Simulation Examples

Providing a Proven Methodology for High Accuracy Designs

Keysight EDA provides a proven methodology for RF SiP/Module design resulting in the highest accuracy and confidence.

Since pioneering high frequency simulation technologies more than 30 years ago, Keysight EDA leads the high frequency electronic design automation (EDA) industry with continuing development of proven, robust, and accurate simulation technologies. This proven and complete set of simulation technologies ranges from frequency-domain, time-domain, and data flow to electromagnetic simulation. These technologies are complimented with a rich set of accurate, active and passive models which delivers the simulation accuracy that RF SiP/Module designers require in order to confidently achieve more one-pass design wins at lower development costs than competitors.

RF SiP/Module Example Design

Keysight's continuous, industry-leading technology innovations in power, speed, and convergence provide RF SiP/Module designers the tools to tackle real world design challenges.

Accurate Prediction

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