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Models and Process Design Kits

Accurate models both for active devices and for passive components are critical in MMIC design. Without accurate models for simulation, it is almost impossible to produce a successful MMIC.

Active Device Models - Active device models can be created using parameter-extraction hardware and software such as Keysight EEsof EDA's Integrated Circuit Characterization and Analysis Program (IC-CAP). Analytic models can be tested and improved using device measurements. But by far the most convenient approach is to use foundry-specific process design kits (PDKs). Keysight EDA has strong relationships with all of the major foundries. All of Keysight's PDKs are approved, certified, and maintained by these foundries.

PDK support also minimizes simulation problems and errors because the models are designed to work with the simulator. In the Advanced Design System (ADS), the Keysight HBT model is the lead model for HBTs. For FETs, the Angelov (Chalmers), TOM3, TriQuint Materka, EEFET3 / EEHEMT1, Curtice quadratic, Curtice cubic, Materka, Modified Materka, Statz, Tajima, TOM, ADS_FET (for measurement based models) are among the available models used for MMIC design.

ADS MMIC PDKs are complete with electrical and physical models and offer complete front-to-back design support, including design-rule checking (DRC).

Passive Device Models - Models of arbitrary passive structures are often used in foundry kits. Highest accuracy and convenience is produced when these models are based on electromagnetic (EM) simulation and are made available, parameterized in a palette form.

This is the case with Keysight EDA's Advanced Model Composer, in which a library of multidimensional, fully parameterized, passive planar models for simulating arbitrary-shaped structures can be created. Momentum, the 2.5-D electromagnetic simulator, is run repeatedly to generate these models.

The models provide EM-level accuracy with the speed of an equation-based model. The Model Composer, which is similar to the Advanced Model Composer, may be used for generating EM-based models of common, pre-defined shapes (opens, stubs, tees, bends, gaps, etc.) on custom substrates.

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