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True Circuit Verification to all Wireless Standards

Power Amplifier (PA) verification to wireless standards plays an important role in the MMIC design flow using ADS. That’s because verification to wireless standards of large MMIC/RFIC chips, prior to manufacturing, has been a major barrier in the design flow. Results accuracy and simulation speed are the two main factors responsible for this barrier. Now, with the ADS Automatic Verification Modeling (AVM) technology and Wireless Verification solution, this barrier has been eliminated.

AVM is a circuit/system co-simulation feature which builds on the P2D modeling and circuit envelope simulation capability in ADS. It offers a more automated methodology to build an additional level of model abstraction within Keysight Ptolemy and is used for fast wireless system verification. Using the "AVM or Fast Cosim" option in the Circuit Envelope simulator, MMIC designers can generate a model for the circuit that can be simulated much more efficiently and with very high accuracy, resulting in an efficient and accurate verification solution.

Without AVM, MMIC designers can not efficiently verify large MMICs or RFICs against wireless standards. ADS is the only EDA design software with a set of wireless verification tools accurate enough to provide True Circuit verification, prior to and post fabrication, to all wireless standards.

Check out this ADS example - MMIC PA Verification Using ADS Wireless Test Benches

PA Verification to Wireless Standards

The ADS Wireless Verification solution uses realistic input signals and test benches for all wireless standards (e.g., WiMAX™, UWB and LTE). It is automated and very easy to use. The designer simply inserts the amp and simulates. When utilized, it helps designers not only test and verify their designs, but also get the most performance out of their circuits.

The ADS Wireless Verification solution uses the advanced AVM/Fast Co-simulation capability for a 100x simulation speed increase with highly accurate verification results. It can be modified for aerospace and defense applications by adding custom security and modulation capabilities.

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