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Access to Complete MMIC PDKs

Keysight EEsof EDA has more MMIC PDKs than any other EDA vendor in the market, providing designers the widest choice of foundries for MMIC design with the best availability and price/performance. Unlike other EDA vendor-created PDKs, Keysight’s PDKs are jointly created by both Keysight and the foundries. They are fully validated and regularly maintained and updated by the foundries. Consequently, designers always have access to the latest and most up to date foundry models that reflect the most recent foundry process.

Strategic partnerships with leading MMIC foundries demonstrate Keysight’s established leadership in MMIC design. These relationships ensure that more and more foundry processes support the complete MMIC design flow in ADS, including physical design. ADS tools and methodologies make it easy for foundries to add new processes as they come on-line, as well as to update existing design kits to support the latest ADS functionality. Learn more about RFIC and MMIC Foundry Partners.

Keysight's Advanced Model Composer (AMC) is a patented ADS technology that enables both designers and their foundry of choice to create arbitrary passive structures and shapes with built in EM effects. The resulting compact models can be used for fast tuning and optimization, enabling the designer to converge on specified parameters in seconds. AMC technology brings the accuracy of EM simulation and the speed of analytical models into a single, user-defined, compact model. It has been well adopted by TriQuint foundry and is used in their design kits. Learn more about Advanced Model Composer.

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