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Adjusting the X-ray Surface Map parameters on the Medalist 5DX Automated X-ray System

The option for X-Ray surface mapping allows the 5DX to generate surface map points using Laminographic images. To obtain the best images, the 5DX internal algorithm moves the 'z' stage in steps and captures an image at each step. After sampling several images, the clearest image is used for determining the optimum surface map ‘z’ height.
The values in xraymap.cfg file in the CALIB directory specifies the number of steps the stage will move and the increment of each step. The default settings in this file are:
2 5.0
2 2.0

The first line indicates that for the coarse measurement the stage will make two steps of 5mils each time. The second line indicates that for the fine measurement the stage will make two steps of 2mils each time.

In some instance’s, even when using X-ray Surface Mapping, the images in View Verifier may still be out of focus. In this case, X-ray surface mapping accuracy can be increased by changing the values in xraymap.cfg to the following:
6 7.5
2 2.0

Once a good focus has been validated in View Verifier, the values in xraymap.cfg should be set back to the original settings.
The correct mapping height location will be stored in the map_res files, allowing X-ray Surface Mapping to correctly lock onto the proper position each time automatic alignment is run.

Be aware that increasing the number of steps will require additional time for each map point, and that this parameter is a system level setting and will affect all boards which use X-Ray surface mapping. Users should limit the use of X-Ray surface mapping for applications where test times are critical.