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Keysight Scanning Microwave Microscopy (SMM) Mode

Keysight's unique scanning microwave microscopy (SMM) mode combines the comprehensive electrical measurement capabilities of a performance network analyzer (PNA) with the outstanding spatial resolution of an atomic force microscope. SMM Mode outperforms traditional AFM-based scanning capacitance microscopy techniques, offering far greater application versatility, the ability to acquire quantitative results, and the highest sensitivity and dynamic range in the industry.

The ability to provide calibrated, high-sensitivity, complex electrical and spatial measurements makes SMM Mode particularly useful for semiconductor test and characterization. As well as working on semiconductors, glasses, polymers, ceramics, and metals, SMM Mode lets Keysight 5400 and 5600LS users perform high-sensitivity investigations of ferroelectric, dielectric, and PZT materials. Studies of organic films, membranes, and biological samples can also benefit from SMM Mode. Its very high sensitivity (1.2aF) is ideal for looking at ion channels.

Features and Benefits

  • Provides exceptionally high spatial and electrical resolution
  • Offers highest sensitivity and dynamic range in the industry
  • Enables complex impedance (resistance and reactance), calibrated capacitance, calibrated dopant density, and topography measurements
  • Works on all semiconductors: Si, Ge, III-V, and II-VI
  • Operates at multiple frequencies (variable up to 6GHz)
  • Does not require an oxide layer