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What are the baseband bandwidth upgrade details regarding options B25, S40, SU1 and BBA?

Definitions of Options: N9020A-xxx are options ordered at the time of initial instrument purchase. N9020AK-xxx are options ordered as post sale upgrades.


  • N9020A or N9020AK-BBA, Baseband Analog I/Q Inputs
  • N9020A or N9020AK-B25, Analysis BW, 25 MHz
  • N9020A-S40, Baseband I/Q Analysis BW, 40 MHz
  • N9020AK-S40; Upgrades Baseband BW from 10 to 40 MHz
  • N9020A-SU1, Not allowed at time of initial purchase
  • N9020AK-SU1, Upgrades Baseband BW from 25 to 40 MHz (Requires B25 in the instrument before upgrading)

The table below identifies all possible BW upgrade combinations from the original instrument configuration.

Baseband BW Details
Upgrade Option RF I+jQ 1 Channel 2 Channel Order As "System, Show, System"
(After Upgrade)
Standard MXA B25 25 MHz n/a n/a n/a N9020AK-B25 B25
  BBA 10 MHz 20 MHz 10 MHz 10 MHz each2 N9020AK-BBA BBA
  S40, BBA 25 MHz 80 MHz Total 40 MHz 40 MHz each2 1)  N9020AK-S40
2)  N9020AK-BBA
S40, BBA
MXA w/Option B25 BBA 25 MHz 50 MHz 25 MHz 25 MHz each2 N9020AK-BBA BBA, B25
  SU1, BBA 25 MHz 80 MHz Total 40 MHz 40 MHz each2 1)  N9020AK-SU1
2)  N9020AK-BBA
B25, BBA, S401
MXA w/Option BBA B25 25 MHz 50 MHz 25 MHz 25 MHz each2 N9020AK-B25 BBA, B25
  S40 25 MHz 80 MHz Total 40 MHz 40 MHz each2 N9020AK-S40 BBA, S40
MXA w/Option S40 & BBA None 25 MHz 80 MHz Total 40 MHz 40 MHz each2 n/a S40, BBA
MXA w/Options B25, BBA SU1 25 MHz 80 MHz Total 40 MHz 40 MHz each2 N9020AK-SU1 B25, BBA, S401

1SU1 identifies as S40 in the analyzer.

2 Zoom mode only. Baseband 2 channel measurements limited to 20 MHz.

If you want to make a 2-channel measurement with the 89600 VSA software in vector mode, 40 MHz is the maximum bandwidth you can achieve per channel. This means that two simultaneious IF streams at 10.7 MHz or 21.4 MHz for example could be monitored and compared to each other in 89601A vector mode in time and frequency domains.