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Using high-speed digitizers for Embedded OEM applications

What is an Embedded OEM?

Original Equipment Manufacture's who look to design-in high-speed data-converter products into their own product. These OEMs sell their products or system to end-users in their appropriate market.

Why do OEM’s use high speed data converters from Keysight?

At Keysight we recognize the needs of Embedded OEMs. It is not just product requirements that may be different to the traditional Test & Measurement business, but the sales, service and support process can be very different too. For example:

  • Leading technology: A/D, D/A and Signal Processing.
  • Project development cycle (from Design to Prototype to Production to long term support)
  • Technical & application support
  • Product roadmap and upgradability
  • Market, product differentiators and competitive edge
  • Software, drivers and development tools
  • Fast data throughput and real-time processing
  • Size and power constraints
  • Faster Time to market
  • Long Product lifecycles
  • Quality & Reliability

Keysight Acqiris supplies components and technology to embedded OEM's that form part of a bigger system or product, unlike the traditional T&M business where the data-converter is an instrument.

How important are OEM’s to Keysight’s data-converter business?

Embedded OEMs are very important; they are key and represent a significant part of the Acqiris data-converter business. This reflects in Keysight’s data-converter roadmap and technology direction. Our knowledgeable and dedicated team works in partnership with OEMs throughout their project development cycle, from concept, design, prototype through to production, ensuring we do our very best to meet their needs.

What are typical application examples?

Typical application include: Medical instrumentation, Storage test, Semiconductor, ATE, LIDAR (Laser Radar), Non-Destructive Testing, Software Defined Radio, Spectroscopy and Environmental monitoring.

Do you need a custom or different product?

If you are an OEM, but our product range is not quite what you are looking for, then please contact us to discuss your specific requirements. Robin Hassell, OEM Business manager

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Technologies and Thomas Harmon, Raytheon Electronic Systems on airport ground radar systems.

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Acoustic Tomographs Powered by Agilent Acqiris High-Speed PCI Digitizers ... 
Japan’s number one designer and manufacturer of ultrasonic inspection systems has incorporated Agilent Acqiris technology in its powerful series of scanning acoustic tomographs.

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