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Using high-speed digitizers for Test and Measurement applications

Why do customers use Keysight’s Hi-speed data-convertors for Test & Measurement?

Whatever the application, whether it’s in Research & Education, Commercial & Industrial, or in the Aerospace & Defense world, customers use Keysight’s high-speed data-converters because of at least one of the following benefits:

  • Small Size
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Higher Measurement Throughput
  • Better Measurement Fidelity
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Customers will use a cross section of different products depending on their platform, PCI, PXI, cPCI and VME, to fully integrated multichannel systems.

Research & Education Market

Customers who are principally using the high-speed data-converters for research & educational purposes typically need at least of the following:

  • Greater channel density, to provide more measurement in a smaller footprint. Multiple channels across multiple modules can also be synchronized using the Acqiris ASBus system.
  • Higher measurement throughput allowing higher trigger rate, and less missed measurable events.
  • Fewer measurements to obtain the correct result, higher precision, more accurate results.
  • Faster integration, software support for multiple O/S and programming environments, with application, code examples and turnkey software.

Typical applications areas include: Nuclear Physics, Particle Physics, HEP, Hydrodynamic Tests, Astrophysics, Plasma Research

Commercial & Industrial Market

Customers in the commercial & industrial world who principally use the high-speed data-converters for in-house test and measurement purposes (including ATE) typically need at least one of the following:

  • Greater channel density, to provide more measurement in a smaller footprint.
  • Higher measurement throughput, providing higher test throughput. In ATE this can also reduce production costs (E.g. a test system that operates twice as fast replaces two slower systems).
  • Fewer measurements to obtain the correct result, means less measurements required and faster testing.
  • Faster time-to-market, software support for multiple O/S and programming environments, with application code examples and turnkey demo software.
  • Real-time on-board signal processing.

Applications include calibration, development, ATE production and functional tests for Semiconductor Devices, Laser Printer Heads, Hard Disk Drives, Telecommunication Infrastructure, Automotive Components, Medical Systems

Aerospace & Defense Market

Aerospace & Defense customers who principally use the high-speed data-converters for ATE and other T&M equipment typically need at least one of the following:

  • Greater channel density to provide more measurement in a smaller footprint.
  • Higher measurement throughput means higher test throughput.
  • Fewer measurements to obtain the correct result.
  • Faster time-to-market.

Applications include development and ATE from O-level to Depot for Radar systems (including microwave guidance systems - seekers), Electronic Warfare (SIGINT systems), Electro-optical systems (LIDAR)

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Documents & Downloads

Measurement of the Real Time Fill-Pattern at the Australian Synchrotron  
This article describes the development, commissioning and operation of a Fill-Pattern Monitor (FPM) for the Australian Synchrotron that measures the real-time intensity distribution of the electron bunches in the storage ring.

Article Reprint 2008-03-05

null PDF 685 KB
T&M Environment Photoionization Aerosol Mass Spectrometer Customer Article 
A new method, photoionization aerosol mass spectrometry (PIAMS), is described for real-time analysis of organic components in airborne particles below 300 nm in diameter.

Article Reprint 2008-03-07

null PDF 306 KB
PC-Based Hard Disk Storage Testing Platform for Position Error Signal Generation 
This paper describes a high-performance Servo control system for enhancement of spin stand Servo performance.

Article Reprint 2008-03-19

null PDF 726 KB
Germany’s Renowned Max Plank Institute Chooses Advanced Acqiris Data Acquisition 
Article reprint from the June Focus Newsletter by Greg Tate.

Article Reprint 2007-10-10

null PDF 179 KB
Broadband FFT Spectrometer for Radio and Millimeter Astronomy Article Reprint 
The core architecture, tests in the lab and first results of a Fast Fourier Transform spectrometer are described in this document

Article Reprint 2008-04-02

null PDF 418 KB
Fiber-Optically Isolated Instrumentation for Pulsed Power System Diagnostics 
This document reports the development of a capability based on the use of a high bandwidth digitizer packaged in a compact configuration where the sampled data is transmitted digitally using TCP/IP network protocol.

Article Reprint 2008-04-09

null PDF 294 KB
A New Measurement of the Half-Life of the Superallowed -decay of 26mAl  
This short article reprint was prepared by Rebecca Scott from the University of Melbourne. It discusses the use of Agilent Acqiris digitizers for digital signal processing in nuclear physics.

Article Reprint 2008-05-20

null PDF 143 KB
NASA Chooses Acqiris Products from Agilent - Customer Article 
The National Aeronautics & Space Administration (NASA selected Agilent Acqiris digitizers for key data acquisition requirements in advanced propulsion research.

Article Reprint 2008-05-09

null PDF 221 KB
Acqiris Digitizers Become an Integral Part, in the Quest for Nuclear Waste 
Researchers at CERN have been investigating transmutation processes involving neutron capture for the safe disposal of nuclear waste.

Article Reprint 2008-06-13

null PDF 249 KB
Acqiris Gigahertz FADCs Help Astronomers Probe Deep Space Using Gamma Rays 

Article Reprint 2007-10-09

null PDF 307 KB