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B1500A Application Test: IV and CV Characterization of Solar Cells

Library Installation:

  1. Download the pdf files and the zip file listed in "Documents and Downloads" shown below.
  2. Unzip the zip file. It contains sample application test definition files and README text file.
  3. Launch the B1500A EasyEXPERT software or the Desktop EasyEXPERT software.
  4. Import the sample test definitions into the EasyEXPERT application library. They will be appeared in Library for the "Solar Cell" Category on the EasyEXPERT Application Test environment.


The application test definitions support the Keysight B1500A EasyEXPERT and Desktop EasyEXPERT software revision A.04.00 and later.


Refer to the README text, application note, and brochure.

Documents & Downloads

AN B1500-14 IV and CV Characterizations of Solar/Photovoltaic Cells Using the B1500A 
This application note shows how the B1500A can be used to evaluate a variety of solar cell types.

Application Note 2009-08-07

Top 5 Reasons to Use Keysight Precision SMU Products for Solar Cell Evaluation 
Keysight Parameter & Device Analyzers can improve the yields and efficiencies of your solar cells.

Promotional Materials 2009-08-05

null PDF 539 KB
EasyEXPERT Sample Application Tests for Solar Cell Characterization 
EasyEXPERT Sample Application Tests for IV and CV Characterization of Solar Cells

Programming Example 2009-08-12

null ZIP 195 KB