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BenchLink Data Logger Pro Software

BenchLink Data Logger Pro with Multiple Scans and Decision Making

View the video clips below to see how to easily and effectively collect and analyze your data with no programming required. Video Demo 1 is a short introduction to the BenchLink Data Logger Pro Software with high level detail. Training Video 1 shows you how to do basic scanning with the BenchLink Data Logger Pro software while Training Video 2 teaches advanced features including setting up multiple scan lists, events and scripts to be executed on pre-defined events. Dive into the New Keysight BenchLink Data Logger Pro software designed for both the Keysight 34970A and 34980A. Download your 30 day free trial here.

Click below to watch each short video. The video requires Windows® Media Player. You may download and install the player from the Windows Media Player home page. 

Documents & Downloads

Improving Time to Results with BenchLink Data Logger Pro for 34970A/34972A and 34980A Video 
This short, 3 minute video demonstrates the BenchLink Data Logger Pro software with the 34980A for life and durability testing of a power supply over temperature. Limit checking and scripts are used for decision making without programming.

Demo 2010-02-01

Getting Started with Basic Scanning Training Video 
With BenchLink Data Logger Pro, you can identify multiple scan lists to be executed based on different limits specified in your configuration, watch this short getting started with basic scanning training video to learn how.

Demo 2009-07-22

null WMF 5.86 MB
Achieve high-speed temperature tests of small gasoline engines 
This 3-minute video tip demonstrates making high-speed thermal scans using the Keysight 34980A Switch/Measure Unit along with high-speed FET multiplexer and new BenchLink Data Logger Pro software.

Demo 2008-08-28

null WMF 25.60 KB
Getting Started with Advanced Features Training Video 
With the BenchLink Data Logger Pro software you get advanced data logging and decision making capabilities without spending hours programming, see examples of the advanced features with this getting started advanced features training video.

Demo 2009-07-31

null WMF 10.82 MB