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What is preventing 89601A SW, running on a PC, from connecting to an X-Series analyzer?

Here are the steps required for a successful connection between the 89601A software running on an external PC and an X-Series signal analyzer

1) Check for compatible versions of 89600 VSA software and X-Series signal analyzer firmware

  • Click Help, About VSA to view the software version
  • Press System, Show, System to view the firmware version

2) Signal Analyzer application is running on the X-Series signal analyzer

3) Correct configuration of the PC LAN interface in Connection Expert

  • LAN is the only interface supported for connection to X-Series signal analyzer
  • Refer to the Installation Guide for more details

4) Configure the X-Series signal analyzer as the measurement hardware to be used by the 89600 software

  • Click Utilities, Hardware after starting the 89601A software
  • Uncheck ‘Simulated Hardware’ if checked
  • On tab ADC1 select the X-Series signal analyzer, checkboxes should be cleared on all other tabs
  • Click OK

5) There are possible faults that may prevent the VSA from connecting to an X-Series signal analyzer

  • With 89601A running on a PC connecting to an X-Series signal analyzer with software version A.08 or greater.  This combination will give the error Runtime Version Mismatch until a new registry key is installed on the PC where 89601A is running.

How to correct 89601A error Runtime Version Mismatch

  • Incompatible versions of 89601A software and X-Series signal analyzer firmware
  • When connecting from an external PC the network configuration must allow the PC to "ping" (from a windows command prompt) the analyzer using both the IP address and the Computer Name of the analyzer (both of these parameters can be viewed on the analyzer by pressing System, Show, System). If one of these pings fails you can work around this network configuration problem by adding a line to C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts defining the IP address and Computer Name of the analyzer.
  • Firewall software installed on either the PC or analyzer that blocks the TCPIP communications. Try temporarily disabling firewalls to see if this corrects the problem.
  • When selecting the analyzer as ADC1 under Utilities, Hardware, you ONLY see GREEN checks next to the ADC1 Tab and Source Tab. All other Tabs will show RED X. And there’s no possible hardware configure to turn all the RED X to GREEN checks. Or The X-series analyzer is reported as found in the boot log, but it does not show up as a selection available in Utilities>Hardware.... This is caused when a .NET assembly is not registered correctly during installation. To manually register the assembly click Start, Run, type C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\RegAsm.exe "C:\Program Files\Agilent\89600 VSA\Vector\Agilent.Vsa.Physics.dll", then click OK.
  • Computers with multiple network cards may have connectivity issue without any warning. With version 8.00 there is a file that you can edit to correct this problem. Using notepad open C:\ProgramFiles\Agilent\89600 Vsa\Vector\VsaVector.exe.config There is a line that reads add key="BindChannel" value="false". Change this line to read add key="BindChannel" value="true". Save the file. In version 9.00 and greater the default is BindChannel = "true".
  • With the X-Series signal analyzer version less than A.01.40 -- the analyzer was powered up before the LAN cable was connected to the instrument. If using a crossover cable the PC must be powered up and connected to the analyzer before turning it on.

Documents & Downloads

89601A Vector Signal Analysis software and X-Series signal analyzer software compatibility matrix 
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FAQ 2014-12-16

89600 VSA Software Installation and VXI Service Guide 
Instructions for installing the 89600 Series VSA Software and connecting your instrument. Diagnostics and service information for VXI hardware.

Installation Manual 2010-03-01

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